One Drop Glucose Monitoring System Now Available at Select Apple Stores

One Drop Glucose Monitoring System Now Available at Select Apple Stores

-Shahd Husein

One Drop recently announced that their glucose monitoring system is now being sold in select Apple Stores, reports CNBC. The diabetes management system, which includes a glucose meter, a lancing device, and a mobile app, was previously sold online by Apple before the company transitioned the product to its physical stores. This is not Apple’s first time retailing diabetes products – in 2012, the company sold Sanofi’s glucose meter for iPhones, according to FierceBiotech.

The One Drop platform currently integrates with Apple’s Health app, as well as an Apple Watch app, allowing individuals to view their medical records and health information, as well as track blood glucose levels, food, medications, and activity on iOS devices. According to the One Drop website, the company offers two packages for their glucose monitoring system: a Diabetes Package and a Gestational Diabetes package. Both packages come with a free year of coaching with a certified diabetes educator, who can assist with areas such as carbohydrate counting and diabetes burnout, says CNBC. In addition to tailored coaching, individuals can also choose a test-strip subscription, ranging from 100 strips every 3 months to unlimited test strips, notes FierceBiotech. 

This news came shortly before Apple announced that hospitals and healthcare systems using compatible electronic health records could self-register for the Apple Health app. Health providers and systems can now list their organizations in the Health Records directory portion of the Health app, where “patients can look for their respective hospital or health system’s location listings” in addition to their medical records, reports Becker’s Hospital Review.

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Last month, One Drop announced two new features for their mobile iOS app. First, Predictive Insights allows individuals with type 2 diabetes, pre-diabetes, and gestational diabetes to view an 8-hour blood glucose level forecast. Those on oral medications and/or basal insulin routines are also encouraged to use the feature. In addition to Predictive Insights, One Drop also released their Automated Decision Support feature, which provides users with behavioral advice according to their blood glucose forecast to help them maintain their Time-in-Range. 

The diabetes management system is currently the only product on the market with such predictive analytics for individuals with type 2 diabetes, notes the press release. This novelty could make One Drop even more attractive to potential partners, and may be one of the reasons for their partnership with Apple. Beyond its technical capabilities, the One Drop system features minimalist styling, similar to Apple’s own products.

“We share a design philosophy [with Apple],” said Daschis to CNBC.

This partnership is just one of Apple’s many efforts to improve the healthcare space. In more recent years, Apple has developed tools such as ResearchKit and CareKit, said CEO Tim Cook in a CNBC interview. He told CNBC that his company’s “greatest contribution to mankind” will come from their efforts in advancing healthcare.

Photo: Screenshot of photo provided courtesy of One Drop. 

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