One Drop Meters Now Being Sold at Walmart

One Drop Meters Now Being Sold at Walmart
-Craig Idlebrook
One Drop, a diabetes technology company, announced that its Bluetooth-enabled blood sugar meter and supplies will now be sold in Walmart stores in the United States. Walmart is the second major retail outlet which will provide shelf space for the meters; the company began selling its product line in some Apple stores in July 2019. 
The partnership with WalMart continues the evolution of One Drop’s market presence, which was once solely an online-based subscription model, to include brick and mortar retail sales.
Customers who purchase the One Drop meters at WalMart will have the option to sign up for a free year of 24-hour access to One Drop’s team of Certified Diabetes Care and Education Specialists. One Drop CEO Jeff Dachis said in a statement that the sale of his company’s product line in Walmart has the potential to expand access to diabetes support and education through the company’s coaching service. 
One Drop’s Bluetooth meter is considered a smart meter, with machine learning capabilities which utilize 1.3 billion datapoints from the One Drop platform to provide a snapshot of an eight-hour forecast of blood sugar trends, as well as automated suggestions for blood sugar management. The meter’s readings are transmitted to the One Drop platform via an app available through either an iOS or Android smartphone.
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