Patient Assistance Programs: How You Can Start Saving Money on Diabetes Supplies Today


diabetes discount insulin supplies


As we all know, paying for prescriptions and co-pays is expensive. As a person with diabetes, we simply cannot manage our disease without incurring costs, whether we have access to private insurance or not.

But did you know that many pharmaceutical and device companies have programs in place to help make these supplies more affordable? A recent Question of the Day showed us that this community was largely unaware of these programs.

diabetes discounts patients

Each program has different requirements, which may include tedious paper-work or website navigation. But if you qualify, these programs can make a huge difference.

Both GluAnna and GluAlex have utilized one of the specific insulin prescription cost reduction coupons, and each of them save $25 a month on their co-pay. GluAnna also recently attended a meeting in Washington DC to discuss challenges in this area with various patient advocates and experts.

Please check out and share the following site with your friends and family. Saving money on your health care costs can help anyone, regardless of their financial situation.

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