Sales of Medtronic Paradigm Pump Line Discontinued


By GluRobin/Robin Lord

Users of Medtronic’s Paradigm MiniMed Revel and MiniMed 530G pumps learned in September that sales of the Paradigm pump line would be discontinued on October 26th, 2018. For the time being, Medtronic will continue to sell Paradigm infusion sets and reservoirs, however.

If you use one of the discontinued pumps, here are some helpful resources:

-To troubleshoot, contact Medtronic’s 24-hour helpline at 1-800-633-8766.

-To check eligibility for Medtronic’s pump trade-in program, call 1-866-469-5459 or text “Paradigm” to 70604.

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Medtronic has decided to streamline their product offerings, according to Pamela Reese, Medtronic’s director of communications.  Medtronic’s R&D efforts will focus on insulin pump automation, CGM sensor improvements, and the development of simpler and more discreet diabetes technology.

A significant number of people with type 1 diabetes who rely on diabetes technology have faced a discontinuation like this in the past. Earlier this spring, 34 percent of Glu community members said they were forced to stop using a diabetes device because they could no longer get supplies for it.

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