Sugar.IQ App Boosted Time in Range for Medtronic Guardian Connect CGM Users

-Craig Idlebrook

Medtronic released real-world data showing that those who used its Sugar.IQ app alongside its Guardian Connect continuous glucose monitor (CGM) had more time in an optimal blood glucose range than those who used Medtronic’s CGM alone.

The results were presented at the American Diabetes Association 79th Scientific Sessions.

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To reach this conclusion, Medtronic researchers examined depersonalized data from over 3,100 people who had utilized the Guardian Connect CGM for five days or longer. They then compared Time in Range between 70 mg/dL to 180 mg/dL for those who used the CGM with the Sugar.IQ app versus those who used just the Guardian Connect. The Sugar.IQ app uses artificial intelligence technology to analyze data from the CGM to find trends in blood glucose management.

The Medtronic CGM users who utilized the app had blood glucose levels in the target range just over 4% longer than those who used the CGM alone (63.4% versus 59.3%). Among Sugar.IQ users, those who used the app’s Glycemic Assist feature, which tracks how glucose levels are affected by certain foods, also saw 4% more Time in Range than the app’s users who didn’t use this function.

Time in Range has become a more important yardstick for blood glucose management in recent years, as there has been research to show that there is a correlation between time spent in range and better health outcomes for people with diabetes, and some clinicians are beginning to favor this measurement over HbA1c. Recently, Medtronic signed an agreement with Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Minnesota to tie compensation for the Guardian Connect to Time in Range.  

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