Colorado Caps Insulin Co-Pay Costs at $100 a Month

The new law doesn't addressed those who have to pay list price for insulin, however.

T1D Resources & Toolkits


Type 1 Diabetes — Whether you’ve had it for 50 years, 50 days or 50 hours, there’s always something to learn. Here are some resources that can help:

These are just a few of our most popular educational articles on Glu. For a full list by category, click here!

Diabetes Discounts and Savings Programs
Hypoglycemia (low blood sugar) in Type 1 Diabetes
Insulin Timing Matters
Getting Medicare to Cover CGM: What You Can Do
Diabetes and Handcuffs: A Harrowing Night in Custody
Trying to Convince Your Child to Care About Their Diabetes? Don’t Bother.
Weathering The Storm (Tips for Emergency Preparedness)
Diabetes, Co-parenting and your Relationship: 10 Tips for Raising Kids with T1D, Together

Did You Know? T1D Knowledge Series:

Project Pizza: Searching for the perfect pizza bolus
Project Sleep: Understanding sleep and type 1 diabetes
Project Alcohol: Drinking with type 1 diabetes
Project Camp: Technology at summer camp

From starting school to planning a pregnancy, JDRF offers a number of downloadable toolkits to help you live your best life with T1D.

Pregnancy Toolkit
School Advisory Toolkit
Adult T1D Toolkit
Newly diagnosed adult T1D toolkit
Teen Toolkit
T1D Education

American Diabetes Association
The American Diabetes Association has a wide variety of Type 1 Diabetes Information and Education, including:

Know Your Rights
Health Insurance
Parents & Kids (including Safe at School, Everyday Life and Family Communication)
Exercise and Type 1 Diabetes
Type 1 Research Highlights

College Diabetes Network

An incredible resource for students and families managing type 1 diabetes in the college setting. CDN provides online advice, tookits, and ways to connect with or start a local CDN chapter on campus.

You can preview CDN’s Off to College Booklets below, or click here to request copies!

Off to College (for Parents)
Off to College (for Students)

International Diabetes Federation: A Toolkit to Inform Diabetes in Schools

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