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One of the most commonly discussed topics on Glu over the years has been about the importance of getting continuous glucose monitors (CGMs) covered by Medicare. Until recently, CGM had been classified as an adjunctive device, meaning that it complemented care, and thus, didn’t fit into a category that Medicare would cover. But in January […]

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It is clear that many people living with or loving someone with type 1 diabetes (T1D) are frustrated — not only with the challenges of managing their diabetes day-to-day, but also with insurance coverage and costs, access to high quality medical care and compassionate support by their care team. In 2014, the American Diabetes Association […]

As 2016 winds down, and you finalize your philanthropic commitments to charities that are meaningful to you, I’d like to share a personal story that has deeply impacted my life and my life’s work. As co-founder and executive director of the nonprofit organization T1D Exchange, I’ve spent 15 years dedicated to people living with T1D, […]

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Earlier this month, we launched a very important survey to learn about our community’s diagnosis experiences. By gathering feedback from parents of and people with type 1 diabetes, we hope to understand where health care providers are falling short and provide credible evidence of the need for blood sugar testing whenever flu-like symptoms are presented. […]

The Invisible Elephant

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“Puppetry serves as an extraordinarily powerful means of giving form to the internal or invisible.” –Leslee Asch, The Art of Contemporary Puppet Theater THE BETES Organization uses the power of theater, puppetry, improvisation, and story to address the social and psychological aspects of the lived experience of diabetes. Our mission is to pave a path […]


For the past four years, Novo Nordisk has hosted Changing Diabetes Day at the Massachusetts State House in the month of November to bring awareness to diabetes and to promote advocacy for the nearly 11% of Massachusetts residents living with some form of the disease. We had the pleasure of partaking in this special event, […]

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For the past four years, the Massachusetts State House has hosted Changing Diabetes Day in the month of November to bring awareness to diabetes and to promote advocacy for the nearly 11% of Massachusetts residents living with some form of the disease.  Tim Garvin, President and CEO of the United Way of Central Massachusetts, is […]

A Future in T1D Research

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Recently, high school senior Landon Rohrer reached out to the research team here at Glu. A top student and athlete at Northwestern High School in Ohio, Landon is a teen with type 1 diabetes who is passionate about working in a lab performing research towards a biochemical cure. As someone who has navigated the world […]

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Your profile provides important information that drives type 1 research You may have seen the big changes taking place on Glu this week! We have launched more than just a new look and feel for Glu—we have also launched new questions in your Profile area. Your Profile is important because it provides helpful information about […]

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In a question of the day earlier this week, we asked who had ever been involved in screening for type 1 diabetes. To date, 78% hadn’t, and there were many questions about it, so we’re sharing some details about the program and how it can help further studies for T1D. Type 1 Diabetes TrialNet is […]