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Risks of Obesity in Youth with T1D

A multi-country study of youth with type 1 diabetes finds that children with type 1 diabetes in the United States are more at risk of obesity than children who don't have diabetes. They also are more at risk of obesity than children with type 1 diabetes in Germany, according to the researchers.

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Several studies to date have found that people with type 1 diabetes (T1D) tend to have celiac disease (CD) more often than individuals in the general population. Research has also shown that T1D is usually diagnosed prior to CD, and that the onset age of T1D is typically younger in those with both diseases. And […]

Reaching a Milestone

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We know everyone with diabetes hates numbers, but here’s one we want to celebrate—Glu hit 10,000 members! When we started exploring what type of community was needed for individuals and families affected by T1D almost five years ago, we learned that there was a need for a private and secure community to support members on […]

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Recently, I had the privilege to participate in a patient panel for the T1D Exchange Annual Meeting. The panel consisted of five individuals living with T1D at different stages in their lives. I represented the young women, and new mother, living with T1D. I had the pleasure of sharing my story, which included my major […]


Thank you to our Glu community for helping to make a global impact! Each day, we work with investigators and researchers from nonprofits and industry to better understand the challenges of living with T1D. Your involvement in Glu and T1D Exchange makes a major impact for all of us working together to improve care and […]

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We have some exciting news! We’ve been selected as one of four finalists in the Partners in Patient Health Collaborate | Innovate Challenge. If we win the grand prize on May 9, we’ll receive $100,000 to create a new research app for Glu. As part of T1D Exchange, Glu is one portion of a unique […]

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The New York Times series Paying Till It Hurts by Elisabeth Rosenthal recently featured life with type 1 diabetes, and demonstrated the high cost of diabetes management. The reaction from the diabetes online community (DOC) was mixed at best. Many people appreciated the description of life with diabetes and were glad it helped raise awareness. Many […]

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Today the T1D Exchange Clinic Network gave a great update on study development and recruitment. Collectively, a total of 39 abstracts have been accepted and delivered at both national and international conferences. The major T1D Exchange Clinic Network studies in progress include the Residual C-peptide, Metformin use in overweight adolescents, severe hypoglycemia in older adults, […]

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It’s day two, and today the T1D Exchange Clinic Coordinator portion of the meeting begins. Bright and early the Glu team: Bill Woods, Anna Floreen, and Anna Lee, were ready to engage with some of the greatest minds in diabetes research. Just to provide you with a little background, the T1D Exchange Clinic Network was […]

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Over the next three days some of the greatest scientific minds in T1D will come together to discuss research, findings, progress, and outcomes at the T1D Exchange Clinic Network and Investigator Meetings held in Tampa, Florida. We will be sharing some of the highlights from these meetings with you in this live blog. Day 1: T1D […]