Colorado Caps Insulin Co-Pay Costs at $100 a Month

The new law doesn't addressed those who have to pay list price for insulin, however.

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Without question, one of the most anticipated devices in the diabetes world is an artificial pancreas. Bill and Anna’s day-to-day reporting on their experience with the bionic pancreas trial is still widely read on Glu. Still, it’s one project of many being developed around the world. Some are a dual-hormone system of insulin and glucagon, […]

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By Alexander J. Wolf, Nancy Liu, and Adam Brown, www.diaTribe.org Click here to view the original article on diaTribe.  Twitter summary: Lots of updates in #t1d at #2014AD–an evolving artificial pancreas, more efforts at finding a cure, & the first position statement ever. Short summary: In June, we attended the 74th annual Scientific Sessions of the American Diabetes Association, the largest […]


I am on my second to my last day of the Beacon Hill Study of the Bionic Pancreas. It’s bittersweet already. I’ve become pretty fond of this device as it learns my eating patterns and overall insulin and Glucagon needs. The small doses of Glucagon are extremely helpful to keep me in “steady range”. I […]

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I really love sleeping with the Bionic Pancreas. Actually, let me rephrase that; I love waking up with my blood sugars in range thanks to the Bionic Pancreas. It does an amazing job overnight and into the morning, while I sleep, regulating my blood sugar levels. I woke up in the middle of the night […]


Blind dates are tough, especially when they are with the Bionic Pancreas. So was this a match made in heaven?  In my day 1 article I talked about patience and that, my friends, was the key takeaway from day 2. First, let’s set some expectations. The Bionic Pancreas needs to get to know me.  Yesterday […]


Do you remember the first time your eyes met the love of your life?  I do. Your eyes met, you looked away and blushed, looked again in hopes they were looking back at you. That’s the moment when the magic happened. Well, the same love story can be told for the Bionic Pancreas. Yesterday was […]

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Wow, I am like a kid in a candy shop that can’t, yet, eat the candy. Today is the day I officially start the Beacon Hill Study (or Bionic Pancreas)! This afternoon, I get the CGM sensor inserted so it can be better calibrated for the Bionic Pancreas to do more accurate adjustments. So, what […]