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Beta Bionics Secures Funding for Pivotal iLet Bionic Pancreas Trials

We talk with CEO Ed Damiano about the final stages of development to bring this device to market.

Study Finds Omnipod Horizon Closed-Loop System Is Effective and Safe for Small Children

The hybrid system, which automates basal insulin delivery, was tested in a non-clinical setting in this hotel-based study of children between two years of age and just under six years of age.

Cam Med’s Bandage-Thin Evopump Makes Progress in Development

The company has gained big backers for its innovative insulin pump design, including JDRF and Johnson & Johnson, and the device is currently being tested on pigs.

Tidepool Announces Partnership with Medtronic and Dexcom for Tidepool Loop

The goal is to create an interoperable automated insulin delivery device compatible with the Dexcom G6, as well as a future MiniMed pump or future Omnipod pump.

Dual-Hormone iLet Bionic Pancreas Leads to Improvement in Glucose Levels in Small, In-Home Trial

Beta Bionics and Zealand Pharma announce positive Phase 2 results of a small trial of the dual-hormone system ahead of the ADA Scientific Sessions.

Medtronic 670G Pump Users Experienced Optimal Blood Sugar Range 71 Percent of the Time

The medtech company unveiled CareLink data showing that the automated basal delivery feature of the pump system helped people with type 1 diabetes experience improved Time in Range.

Pivotal Home Trial of iLet Bionic Pancreas System Announced

The trial is being conducted by Beta Bionics and Zealand Pharma, and marks the first full-scale test of the dual-hormone therapy in a real-world setting.

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Without question, one of the most anticipated devices in the diabetes world is an artificial pancreas. Bill and Anna’s day-to-day reporting on their experience with the bionic pancreas trial is still widely read on Glu. Still, it’s one project of many being developed around the world. Some are a dual-hormone system of insulin and glucagon, […]

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By Alexander J. Wolf, Nancy Liu, and Adam Brown, Click here to view the original article on diaTribe.  Twitter summary: Lots of updates in #t1d at #2014AD–an evolving artificial pancreas, more efforts at finding a cure, & the first position statement ever. Short summary: In June, we attended the 74th annual Scientific Sessions of the American Diabetes Association, the largest […]


I am on my second to my last day of the Beacon Hill Study of the Bionic Pancreas. It’s bittersweet already. I’ve become pretty fond of this device as it learns my eating patterns and overall insulin and Glucagon needs. The small doses of Glucagon are extremely helpful to keep me in “steady range”. I […]