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Apple watch displaying health and fitness data

One Drop announced its latest Bluetooth blood glucose monitor will transmit readings directly to most Apple Watches, and two other features that may help the diabetes community.

A doctor with type 1 diabetes provides an overview of what hypoglycemia is, and what his recommendations are for treating it.

Steve and baby

I was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes when I was 16 years old—16 years ago. I’d like to think that I’ve been pretty successful with my diabetes management. I don’t live in the shadow of my condition—in fact I have thrived because of it. It has taken me some amazing places that people with diabetes, […]

The Unwanted Wedding Guest

Anna and Andy 2

Thanks to one of the places I’m registered at, I’m reminded that in a month, I’ll be walking down the aisle in something white. Yes, that’s right—GluAnna is getting married! I think what is most nerve-wracking to me the about my wedding day isn’t the all-eyes-on-me part, messing up whatever I’m supposed to say to […]

Testing Supplies Lancet Strips-1783 BW

We asked a certified diabetes educator this pointed question. She shares what is recommended, and what actually happens in real life. —Anna Floreen–GluAnna We spoke with Karen Cullen, CDE, nurse clinician, and research coordinator in pediatric endocrinology at UMass Memorial Health Care about lancets. Here is what she had to say: What can happen if you don’t change […]

Burnout Book Cover

The first thing most people seem to assume when they hear the phrase “diabetes burnout” is that it means someone who is experiencing it has completely given up on themselves and their diabetes. Sometimes that assumption is followed by, “Oh, I would never do that,” as though feeling burnout is both automatically a choice and […]

Managing Night Shifts

Illuminated blue clock

It has been just over fifteen years since I was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes, and two years since I became a registered nurse. My desire to become a nurse stemmed from many things, but most influential in my decision was my experience with T1D. Now two years into my career, it turns out the […]

A 25-Year Journey

25yr medals-1773

  The Lilly Diabetes Journey Award program recognizes people at milestone years for diabetes management. Glu community managers Anna Floreen and Bill Woods received their bronze 25-year medals recently, and share their reflections on living with diabetes. Anna’s Reflection Twenty-five years is a long time. Okay, maybe not for some people who have lived decades […]

T1D Discover Age of DX

Glu, part of T1D Exchange, works with a network of more than 70 clinics, a registry of data from more than 26,000 patients, and a sample repository that supports researchers from industry and academia. The T1D Exchange Clinic Registry bolsters the development of projects and programs in type 1 diabetes by helping researchers characterize individuals […]

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Tommy and James (made up names) are eighth graders. Both have T1, and live in Fairbanks. We’d been chatting at a restaurant for about an hour during dinner, when James’s arched eyebrows began to worry me. Did I have food on my chin? Tommy almost screamed, “What are you doing?” Tommy and James’s distress for […]