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Jada Louis Died Because She Had to Choose Between Paying for Rent or Insulin

A young woman from Virginia dies from insulin rationing. Read her story and share the resources we provide to help others avoid who might be in the same situation.

Senator Bernie Sanders to Accompany Insulin Caravan to Canada

This marks the first time that a presidential candidate has pledged to take part in direct diabetes activism.

Trump Administration Drops Proposal Banning Drug Rebates for Medicare

It is the second setback against the administration’s efforts to bring down the high price of prescription drugs in the United States.

Novo Nordisk CEO Believes Roughly 10% of Customers Are Struggling to Afford Insulin

The statement goes against a widely cited study which says one in four people with type 1 diabetes ration insulin because of unaffordability. See what else CEO Lars Fruergaard Jørgensen said about the insulin pricing crisis in a recent Stat+ interview.

“It Felt Like We Were Robbing the Pharmacy”

Americans with type 1 diabetes head north in caravans to buy insulin.

The Insulin Pricing Crisis Becomes a Plotline on Designated Survivor

An episode of the fictional political drama even includes a real-life interview with Nicole Smith-Holt, the mother of a young man who died from diabetic ketoacidosis after rationing insulin because of price.

 “He didn’t need to die, this Alec Smith.”

In defense of her decision to vote down a bill to provide emergency insulin, Minnesota state senator Karin Housley appears to suggest that a Minnesotan with type 1 diabetes didn’t need to ration insulin before he died in 2017.

Insulin Affordability Advocates Decry Demise of Minnesota Emergency Insulin Access Bill

The bill, which initially was passed by both chambers of the state legislature, ultimately failed to pass in the state senate during a closed-door session.

Colorado Law Caps Insulin Monthly Insulin Costs at $100 for Insured Patients

The groundbreaking legislation does not put a similar limit on insulin costs for those who lack insurance, however.