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Medtronic 670G Pump Users Experienced Optimal Blood Sugar Range 71 Percent of the Time

The medtech company unveiled CareLink data showing that the automated basal delivery feature of the pump system helped people with type 1 diabetes experience improved Time in Range.

Pivotal Home Trial of iLet Bionic Pancreas System Announced

The trial is being conducted by Beta Bionics and Zealand Pharma, and marks the first full-scale test of the dual-hormone therapy in a real-world setting.

The agency says it has received word of an accidental insulin overdose that occurred with an automated insulin dosing system.

Brandon Morrow signs with the Chicago Cubs after appearing in the World Series with the Los Angeles Dodgers. -Craig Idlebrook   The Chicago Cubs just made a very large financial bet on the continued health of a 33-year-old pitcher with type 1 diabetes, as they announced this month that they had signed Brandon Morrow to […]

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The more days that study participants wore their infusion sets, the higher were their fasting blood glucose levels. Researchers didn’t establish why this happened, however. -Christine Frost We asked Glu members to help us with a survey about infusion set use, and used the data from that survey to create a study which T1D Exchange […]

Screen Testing Process

Part of my job as the community outreach manager of Glu is to build relationships with other type 1 communities to help them understand the value of Glu. On a recent trip to the West Coast, I not only was able to visit several clinics involved in T1D Exchange research, but I was invited to […]

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An endocrinologist describes why she sometimes goes back to multiple daily injections, as well as how she does it. By Dr. Shara Bialo, pediatric endocrinologist/Shara People with diabetes are often told that they cannot take a vacation from diabetes. But many take a hiatus from some aspects of it. Pump vacations are just that—a temporary departure […]