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A new documentary highlighting the struggles and successes of Cory Conacher, a professional hockey player from Burlington, Ontario, debuted last week on World Diabetes Day. The film, directed by Canadian Calvin Hudson Hwang and titled Miracle, Baby, is streaming live in its entirety on YouTube, and will remain so for the rest of Diabetes Awareness month.

Brandon Morrow signs with the Chicago Cubs after appearing in the World Series with the Los Angeles Dodgers. -Craig Idlebrook   The Chicago Cubs just made a very large financial bet on the continued health of a 33-year-old pitcher with type 1 diabetes, as they announced this month that they had signed Brandon Morrow to […]

Lantus and Medtronic

A man with type 1 diabetes describes how he became only a part-time insulin pump user, and how it allowed him the freedom to enjoy his active lifestyle.


As I write this, the weather here in Minneapolis is cold, windy, and it’s been raining for days. My legs are sore, but I’m smiling from ear to ear because I braved the cold, wind, and rain to finish the longest run I’ve ever done (9.5 miles). I’m training to run a half marathon near […]

Ragnar 2

Run, look at sensor, drive, sleep—repeat?! “What the heck is a Ragnar?” my parents asked when I explained what I was up to a couple of weekends ago. (They’ve long since stopped trying to understand all the crazy diabetes-related things I do). And let me just say this: I am not a fast runner. I […]