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A survey of T1D Exchange Clinic Registry participants found that some teens may be materially less likely than their younger peers to handle blood sugar emergencies. The findings were presented at the ADA 79th Scientific Sessions in San Francisco.

Ben with Trophy

Most adults start their day off by getting out of bed and doing one of two things. One, you get out of bed and follow the same routine every morning, most likely sitting down to have a cup of coffee or tea, maybe doing some dishes and laundry or making the bed. The other possibility […]

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Tommy and James (made up names) are eighth graders. Both have T1, and live in Fairbanks. We’d been chatting at a restaurant for about an hour during dinner, when James’s arched eyebrows began to worry me. Did I have food on my chin? Tommy almost screamed, “What are you doing?” Tommy and James’s distress for […]


I was diagnosed at the age of 12, only one month before entering my first year of middle school. It was a transitional time in my life; one that became twice as complicated with the addition of a life long disease. Not only did I have to enter a new school, with new teachers and […]