Thank You for Helping Us #SmashDiabetes!


Diabetes Awareness Month is nearly over, and we wanted to thank everyone who shared their videos for our #SmashDiabetes campaign. It was great to see so many videos and photos out there! We searched the web for some favorites, and it’s time to vote for yours. Click on this link to make your selection, or paste in a link in the comments section to share a favorite of your own!

  1. Danielle B Smashes Diabetes

  1. Kyrstin Smashes Diabetes

  1. Blogger Bennet Dunlap Takes a Unique Approach…

  1. Fiona and Rowan Smash the Pump…errr…Pumpkins

  1. Smash Diabetes Music Montage

  1. The Road Scholar team Smashes Diabetes

  1. A Drone mission to Smash Diabetes

  1. Rock Type 1 Smashes Diabetes


We also wanted to thank everyone who contributed to T1D Exchange as part of the #SmashDiabetes campaign. The Exchange pushes the boundary of traditional research and development by connecting the experience of living with T1D to the data about the disease. Through Glu, you help T1D Exchange’s mission by sharing your experiences and participating in surveys. If you would like to give to T1D Exchange, please click on this link. Thank you for your support!

Thank you so much for being part of Glu, and for raising awareness about diabetes.

—The Glu Team

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