The Big Blue Test


Since 2010, over 40,000 people helped themselves while helping more than 10,000 others. Most participants in the Big Blue Test experience an average blood sugar drop of 20% and with every Big Blue Test result, a donation is made by the program sponsor to help others around the world with diabetes in need.

The Big Blue Test is a program of the Diabetes Hands Foundation, and it encourages people with diabetes to test their blood sugar, exercise for 14 to 20 minutes, test again, and share their experience on For every test, people with diabetes in need receive life-saving supplies through Big Blue Test grants that are awarded to humanitarian diabetes charities in the US and around the world, made possible thanks to the program sponsor.

In 2013, the Big Blue Test grants will benefit two US-based initiatives (each will receive US$2,500) and an additional US$5,000 will support projects in Haiti and the Dominican Republic.

This year, we’re seeking to reach 20,000 Big Blue Test entries, which will translate into a donation that will help save lives.

Help yourself and help others. Get active, join the movement: do the Big Blue Test every day!

You’re just 14 minutes of exercise away from helping people with diabetes in need receive life-saving supplies, services, and education. Every Big Blue Test entry we receive between now and November 14th will trigger a matching donation on your behalf.


By Manny Hernandez
Co-Founder and President, Diabetes Hands Foundation

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