The Future of Healthcare


In mid-December, we posted an open letter to the incoming Trump administration about the need for a reliable and affordable healthcare system. As one of 72 disease organizations signing the letter, we are closely following news about potential changes to the Affordable Care Act and other issues related to health insurance for all Americans. While there are many questions to be answered as Inauguration Day approaches, we hope to engage and educate the incoming administration around the needs of everyone living with chronic conditions such as type 1 diabetes, and develop opportunities to get involved.

The number of challenges we face can feel daunting. Rising costs for employer and employee plans, prescriptions and deductibles, having to switch brands due to insurance mandates, and coverage changes of essential therapies and devices concern patients and caregivers alike. The uncertainty of access for preexisting conditions and provisions for Medicare programs raises significant concerns.

As a nonprofit organization committed to improving care and quality of life with type 1 diabetes, T1D Exchange is keenly aware of how health care changes may negatively affect our community, and we will offer our data, evidence, and the patient’s voice to this issue as it evolves. I hope you will watch for news updates and research opportunities to lend your voice to this important discussion.

—Dana Ball
Executive Director & Co-Founder
T1D Exchange

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