The ONE thing We Wish We Didn’t Have To Ask


When the type 1 community comes together, we’re louder, stronger and more powerful.  T1D Exchange is a unique nonprofit that combines our collective voices to demand better treatments and better care. This week, we are highlighting the various ways in which our community has made a difference…Together One.

“What is the One Thing We wish we didn’t have to ask?”

Last Sunday’s Question of the Day drew a variety of responses from the Glu community.  Some were confused by our motive, while others shared the things that concern them the most about living with type 1 diabetes. Access. Cost. Quality of life. The elusive cure. All of these answers and the accompanying comments gave us even more reason to come together, as one.

While everyone has a different idea of the one thing they wish wasn’t a challenge in T1D management and care, as an organization, our answer was asking for your help. We wish we didn’t have to ask for donations to help fund all of the initiatives and programs we are currently running to improve outcomes for all who live with type 1 diabetes.

But as a community, you answered differently – and without even realizing it, gave us even more motivation to continue the fight for better care, improved access, more streamlined technology and all other research that will lead to better outcomes.



The truth is, we wish we didn’t have to ask a Question of the Day about type 1 diabetes. We wish we didn’t need to. But until T1D is cured for good, we need to keep asking the tough questions, because your answers provide the ammunition we need to conduct research which will ultimately improve outcomes.

As a 501c3 nonprofit organization, we rely on contributions from people like you to help us continue to accelerate new treatments and improve care. Please consider supporting T1D Exchange research with a donation today.


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