The T1D Exchange Registry and T1D Exchange Glu – Two Opportunities to Share Your Voice and Influence Type 1 Diabetes Research and Care

The T1D Exchange Registry and T1D Exchange Glu - Two Opportunities to Share Data and Influence Type 1 Diabetes Research and Care

-Daniel Pereira

Data gathering –  fingersticks, CGMs, insulin doses, carb counts – is part of daily life with type 1 diabetes. While gathering this data is often time-consuming, it can also be a valuable tool to help diabetes researchers improve care. As blood sugar readings have been increasingly stored and shared in the cloud, researchers have been able to crunch the numbers to uncover what once were indecipherable trends in blood sugar management. 

Those who choose to share blood sugar management data are invaluable to diabetes research especially because the type 1 diabetes population is fairly small. Without this participation, research on type 1 diabetes can slow, or even stall, as investigators search for enough participants to conduct meaningful studies. 

With our mission to accelerate therapies and improve care, T1D Exchange has launched two very different opportunities for people with type 1 diabetes and their caregivers to share data to inform research.

Here is an overview of each: 

The T1D Exchange Registry

The recently launched T1D Exchange Registry is a research study that provides a simple, mobile-friendly way to harness the collective data and experiences of individuals with type 1 diabetes. Our goal is to influence the future of type 1 diabetes research, which in turn inspired our new marketing campaign, InfluenceT1D

The Registry is open to both adults and children with type 1 diabetes living in the United States. Participants take part in a brief, once-a-year survey, and the data generated helps researchers to learn more about things like disease management and progression, glycemic control, and the utilization of health services. 

Once enrolled, participants may have the opportunity to take part in more studies on specific topics related to type 1 diabetes through the platform. This might include surveys or focus groups about HbA1c targets, insulin regimens, or CGM usage. With this data, researchers hope to understand which therapies are working, which treatments are effective, and more.

Register here to help change the future of type 1 diabetes research and care.

T1D Exchange Glu

T1D Exchange Glu has been asking daily questions and providing a forum for conversation on life with diabetes for many years.

T1D Exchange Glu is an online community for people with type 1 diabetes which also provides educational resources and diabetes news. Glu community members share their experiences, tell their stories, and answer daily questions on life with type 1 diabetes. While some of the questions are more like conversation starters, others provide insight for diabetes researchers about life with type 1 diabetes. 

T1D Exchange Glu is now more than 26,000 members strong and growing. Check out our content, answer our daily questions, or just learn more about type 1 diabetes. Sign up today!

If you still have any questions about either The T1D Exchange Registry or T1D Exchange Glu, please don’t hesitate to email us at or We hope you will take part!

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