Tidepool Announces Partnership with Medtronic and Dexcom for Tidepool Loop

Tidepool Announces Partnership with Medtronic and Dexcom for Tidepool Loop

-Craig Idlebrook

Today, Tidepool CEO Howard Look announced that Tidepool has entered into a partnership with Dexcom and Medtronic to work together to bring Tidepool Loop to market. The agreement means that Tidepool and Dexcom will work to formally integrate the Dexcom G6 continuous glucose monitor with Tidepool Loop, and that Tidepool and Medtronic will work to integrate Tidepool Loop with a future Bluetooth-enabled MiniMed pump.

Tidepool also previously had entered into an agreement with Insulet to integrate an Omnipod pump with Loop. This means that the interoperable automated insulin pump system the companies are collaborating to bring to market would be compatible with two different insulin pumps.

This marks a major step forward to bring a truly interoperable automated insulin pump system to market. Device manufacturers and the FDA have been working in recent years to change regulations to allow for the development of an automated system that can be compatible with more than one pump, CGM, or controlling algorithm.

Medtronic’s move to enter into a partnership with Tidepool on an intercompatible system is a marked departure for the device-maker. Medtronic previously had success bringing groundbreaking integration of insulin pump-and-CGM systems to market, including the first semi-automated insulin pump system, the 670G. In the past, however, Medtronic opted to create a closed tech ecosystem, utilizing its devices and algorithms for all the system’s components. This shift by Medtronic is akin in the diabetes device world to Apple choosing to work with Microsoft to bring new technology to market.

In a blogpost, Tidepool CEO Look said the partnership with Medtronic would be beneficial for both organizations, as Medtronic can assist Tidepool with regulatory expertise, and Tidepool can bring “community-based expertise” to Medtronic.

The announcement was made at the DiabetesMine DData Exchange in San Francisco, as well as in two blogposts on Tidepool’s website.

This is a developing story.

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