Together We’re Fighting On Behalf of the T1D Community


When the type 1 community comes together, we’re louder, stronger and more powerful.  T1D Exchange is a unique nonprofit that combines our collective voices to demand better treatments and better care. This week, we are highlighting the various ways in which our community has made a difference…Together One.

I’ve felt so lonely for all these years and I didn’t know anyone else with T1D. I’m so happy I joined and can’t wait to make friends.”  -Yasmin, a member of our Glu community

Type 1 Diabetes is on the rise and seems to affect more and more people every year. However, for some, living with this commonly misunderstood condition is isolating. Many people have never met another person with type 1 diabetes, and are astounded by the information, support and understanding that comes with that first login to Glu, the online patient community of T1D Exchange.

For more than five years, Glu has provided a safe, private, informative and supportive community for people like Yasmin. Over 20,000 people who are either diagnosed, caring for or supporting someone with type 1 diabetes, come together on Glu to ask questions, provide help, learn from or share their experiences with others.

One of the ways in which we encourage discussions and learning is through Question of the Day. Your answers and comments encourage learning and discussion among the Glu community, which benefits everyone. And because your answers also help researchers learn about important issues that matter in our world of type 1, Glu is the only diabetes online community where your comments actually make a difference in the future of diabetes care.

Whether you’re looking for support, inspiration, tips and tricks on managing your or your loved one’s diabetes, or the opportunity to make a difference, Glu is a must-have resource in your diabetes toolkit. So, go ahead…introduce yourself to others and tell your story. You can also find others with similar interests or experiences by checking out our Glu Groups. Lastly, check out our library of insightful articles and stories about people just like you!

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