Undocumented with Type 1 Diabetes – A Three-Part Series

T1D Exchange Glu is committed to identifying the barriers to good care that people with type 1 diabetes face, with the understanding that different communities must manage unique issues when it comes to healthcare access.

In this three-part series, we examine the challenges that undocumented immigrants with type 1 diabetes, and the children of undocumented immigrants, must overcome to receive necessary diabetes care.


Part 1 – Undocumented, With Type 1 Diabetes, and in Limbo

An Ethiopian immigrant who sought asylum in the United States is diagnosed with type 1 diabetes just as her immigration case stalls.

Part 2 – Caring for Kids with Type 1 Diabetes in Undocumented Families

Providers at Texas Children’s Hospital and others work diligently to get children of undocumented parents the care they need.

Part 3 – How a Possible Immigration Rule Change Might Harm Diabetes Care

The Trump Administration proposes barring immigrants who might use Medicaid and CHIP. Health officials warn this could cause many to forgo routine care.

Photo credit: Luke Elliott, Department of Defense

T1D Exchange takes no stance on current or proposed immigration policies. 

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