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My name is Dana Ball, Co-Founder and CEO of T1D Exchange. I’ve spent the past 11 years funding type 1 diabetes projects and programs for The Iacocca Foundation and The Leona M. & Harry B. Helmsley Charitable Trust. In fact, I wake up every morning thinking why do people get T1D, how can we better understand what needs to be done, who can solve these problems and most importantly, how can I help people be well on this journey? My focus has been on understanding the cause of T1D and on advancing promising new treatments and therapies along the path to a cure. I believe we’re making progress on the treatment front. We have better devices and superior insulins that make the management of T1D a little easier but, to me, this isn’t good enough and we aren’t moving fast enough.
After all these years, I believe the missing link to better solutions and improved outcomes for T1D are those who live with the condition. The clues to a cure actually reside in people, not mice. This is why we developed the nonprofit organization T1D Exchange and the online T1D research community, Glu—new resources built with type 1s at the center, designed to address the inefficiencies in diabetes research and development.
Understanding Needs
At T1D Exchange, our goal is to understand everything about the needs of people touched by T1D and provide opportunities and tools to empower them to take charge of their destiny. Over the past three years we have partnered with the Jaeb Center for Health Research to develop the most comprehensive type 1 registry with over 26,000 members being seen at 69 clinics across the nation. This information is being shared around the globe driving a new wave of knowledge and understanding about the quality of clinical care, diabetes management, need for better devices, new educational material for clinicians and patients, insurance, and reimbursement needs. We believe that information becomes knowledge; knowledge that creates power and empowers change!
Facilitating Research
We spend a lot of time working with the research community to understand what information they need to be more effective and move faster. The T1D Exchange Biobank Operations Center has been established at the Benaroya Research Institute to work with all researchers to design critical studies using T1D patient biosamples and specimens. We believe these studies will answer important questions and populate the biorepository so we can provide these valuable samples to the brightest and best research teams to stimulate discovery, translation, and development of new therapies.
Building Community
Glu is a community with a purpose. We designed Glu as a HIPPA-compliant, safe, secure, and private place for people with T1D to find exactly what they need at any hour, every day. In Glu you can find people just like you, connect, learn, watch, or participate in driving research through surveys, studies, research opportunities, news, and advocacy opportunities…and we are just getting started.
This week we formally launch Glu and a one-year campaign to learn everything we possibly can about life with T1D. Throughout the upcoming year there will be lots of questions, surveys and studies. We will be asking a lot, but we promise we will share what we learn with you. Our goal is to learn everything about you: what drives you crazy, what do you need, what is the perfect device, and how can we help? We are hard at work with our research partners to create a channel for your voice to be heard, your needs be met and to provide the opportunity for you to take a proactive role in shaping a better future for each and every person with type 1 diabetes.
I hope you will join us on this journey and me in my continued fight to make every life better, management easier and solving this thing called T1D once and for all.
All the very best,

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