What Month is Most Common for a Type 1 Diabetes Diagnosis?


-Craig Idlebrook/GluCraig

Recently, GluColleenG took a look at Glu user profile data to see what month Glu users were diagnosed.

As you can see from the chart above, while the distribution is somewhat evenly divided by month, January and August were the most often selected months of diagnosis among Glu users who have shared their date of diagnosis with us.

While the difference in the number of diagnoses between months was not statistically significant among Glu users, a 2017 University of Michigan study showed there were three months when a type 1 diabetes diagnosis was most likely. For the study, researchers tracked trends in type 1 diabetes diagnoses from 2001 to 2015. As part of that study, researchers found that January was the most common month of diagnosis among 32,476 adults and children with type 1 diabetes. Researchers found another spike in diagnosis reports in July and August. You can read the complete findings of that study here.

The researchers did not speculate about why there was a spike in diagnoses during those months. Of course, it can be tricky to precisely track the beginning of type 1 diabetes, as too often there is a gap between when symptoms of hyperglycemia appear and when type 1 diabetes is diagnosed.

Most people with type 1 diabetes have the date of their diagnosis etched in their memory, and many celebrate a “diaversary” on that date. Thanks to this analysis and the study, you can at least know that you are in good company among those who share your month of diagnosis.

If you’re a Glu user, please consider making sure you’ve answered all the profile questions to contribute to data analysis like this in the future. And if you would like to join Glu and participate in similar type 1 diabetes research, you can you do so here.   


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