What We Learn about Insulin from Glu

Insulin—our lifeline, but how do we talk about the role it has in our type 1 lives in just an hour? That topic is so vague! How on earth can you dedicate just one meeting to talking about insulin?

Early in 2015 we here in Boston provided a program on insulin that was funded by an insulin company-they liked our program so much, they agreed to help support these programs in 2016! Missed that one? Here’s a recap and podcast recording of that event.

How did we choose what to talk about? We asked you! Our questions of the day always find a use, and we love to share back with our community the insights driven by you, for you. We use these questions of the day to create colorful graphs and present them worldwide at conferences, or internally to our academic and corporate partners to help validate their research questions.


What did we talk about at these events? Insulin of course, but we gathered the comments and statuses from as many Glu users as we possibly could to form the best possible presentations for our audience. Each of the three events gave an overview of how insulin works, because lets’ face it: when was the last time we were actually educated formally on how this hormone works inside our body once it’s in there? I thought this graph was pretty cool.


My parents were given the low-down on the physiological effectiveness of insulin, both long and short term at my diagnosis, but as I transitioned to my adult endocrinologist, this basic science wasn’t discussed—not even once. I always welcome a refresher. Tips on pre-bolusing and counting the carbs I’m ingesting are important.

One of the key pieces of feedback we’ve received from programs and events is helping people understand and apply the science of diabetes in real life. As part of each program I’ve coordinated, whether it’s preparing for pregnancy, parents of children recently diagnosed, or college students adapting to campus life, providing examples like the below triggers a good conversation critical to our diabetes self-management.


The Glu team is currently planning for 2017, and we look forward to addressing your needs and topic ideas both online and on the road. We welcome your thoughts and ideas below and hope to see you next year!

—GluAnna, Anna Floreen

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