Who’s Who on Glu? Meet the Team!


Glu Staff Boston Team


Every day, Glu gives you a question to ponder, opportunities to drive research, articles that teach or inspire, and a community of nearly 20,000 individuals who just “get it” — life with type 1 diabetes. But do you know who is behind the scenes, reading your comments, brainstorming new topics to explore, writing articles and sharing your wisdom back with the greater community?

That’s us! Allow us to introduce ourselves:


GluAlex, Marketing Coordinator


GluAlex Alex RosenblattAlex Rosenblatt (“GluAlex”) was originally born in Brookline, Massachusetts, but has moved from East coast to West coast and is now back in Boston, where it all started! Alex is the marketing coordinator at T1D Exchange, and monitors the social media channels of Glu. Alex loves to connect with users and families, and aims to bring new faces to the online community. He loves his work at T1D Exchange because he can create awareness of diabetes in various local communities, and help those dealing with everyday challenges.


“Glu is important to the diabetes cause because we are fighting is to break down the most rigorous barriers in care, while educating many more people than just the affected individuals.”


Fun Fact: Before he was diagnosed at 21, Alex ran a mile in 4:38 and the half mile (800m) in 2:01. He is now trying to beat that WITH Diabetes! He is also training for his first marathon next year.


GluAnna, Education & Outreach Manager


Anna Floreen (“GluAnna”) is a born and raised Bostonian, loves Crossfit, college basketball, and most importantly, has a passion for helping all of you navigate type 1 diabetes and the ups and downs that go along with it. She was diagnosed with type 1 at age 6 and has lived through the days of twice-daily injections of Regular and Lente insulin to embracing all things technology, including participating in the Beacon Hill Study of the bionic pancreas in 2013. Anna serves as the Education and Outreach Manager for the Glu community and T1D Exchange at large, but offline is involved voluntarily with AYUDA, the IDF, Joslin Patient Family Advisory Council, and the diabetes camp she attended as a camper and staff. Like you, is here to listen and learn-feel free to say hello!


“I look forward to logging on to Glu every morning and offering either sight or experiential input to those seeking peer advice. It’s great to feel that connected to others where you work!”


Fun Fact: Anna is a certified Hula Dancer and used to travel to kids birthday parties to teach kids how to dance like they do in Hawaii!


GluChristine, Digital Strategist


Before finding her way to T1D Exchange in 2013, Christine Frost (“GluChristine”)’s nomadic career spanned beer and mead brewing, marketing for a record label, and book editing at a university. She first managed content on Glu, and eventually found her calling as a digital strategist. As a social media guru, she reads a lot about how businesses operate in the digital world. An author of historical and speculative fiction, Christine has written four novels, with several short stories appearing in journals and anthologies. She’s also an avid cook who has collected more recipes than she can cook in a lifetime, and writes about how food is portrayed in literature on a blog called Savored Words. She loves to scout out the best coffee shops in Boston, and is a long-time fan of Renaissance festivals and sci-fi/nerd culture.


“I love what I do because in the digital space, everything changes and there’s always an opportunity to learn. Working with Glu has been an amazing experience!”


Fun Fact: In the late 1980s, Christine lived in West Berlin, Germany, as part of an exchange program. Having delved deep into Berlin music scene, she almost didn’t return home. In the end, her parents convinced her to come back to Boston, but not before she added some graffiti to the Wall, which came down a few months later.


GluMom, Content & Community Manager


Both professionally and as a personal hobby, Amy Bevan (“GluMom”) has been writing for as long as she could pick up a pencil. Using her background as well as her perspective as the parent of a young child with T1D, Amy manages the site’s research and community content.  In addition, she represents Glu and T1D Exchange at local, regional and national meetings and events.  Amy is also a nationally published journalist, triathlete and two-time charity marathon runner for diabetes research and advocacy. She currently holds the T1D Exchange staff record for the longest commute, travelling 70 miles each way from her home in seacoast New Hampshire to the downtown Boston office. Amy is a lifelong Boston sports fanatic, and has loved both the Boston Red Sox and the New England Patriots since the days when a championship was just a pipe dream.


“Working with other patients and caregivers to solve problems and drive research is the most fulfilling role I’ve ever had. I am so proud of the work we do together!”


Fun Fact: Amy was born and raised in America’s Hometown of Plymouth, Massachusetts and is a direct Mayflower descendant. Her son Miles, who lives with T1D, was named after Myles Standish, who led and defended the Plymouth Colony since its inception in 1620. Not surprisingly, Thanksgiving is Amy’s favorite holiday, despite the challenge of carb counting.


GluJill, Director of Marketing & Communications


Jill Petrie (GluJill) has been a marketing communications professional for over two decades – with lots of time spent helping healthcare, pharmaceutical and medical device companies on communications and educational initiatives for diseases such as HIV/AIDs, multiple sclerosis, and cancers.

But when her own son Harry was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes at age 6, she decided to focus her professional career on creating a better life for her son and the community of people living with type 1 diabetes. She fell in love with the mission and innovative approach of T1D Exchange and was fortunate to find a role in the organization.


“Working at T1D Exchange has really opened my eyes to not just my family’s personal challenges living with type 1 diabetes, but the challenges the type 1 community experiences as a whole. It’s helped cement my commitment to fight for this community and be sure that our voices are heard where it matters most – in the research that develops better T1D treatments and care and the policy that determines access and cost.”


Fun Fact: Harry has two brothers. As of today, none of them can beat GluJill on the soccer field but they are getting closer each day!




Got a question for one, or all, of us? We’re all ears! Drop us a line in the comments! Thanks so much for being part of the Glu community.


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