#WorldDiabetesDay – The 1 Thing You Want People to Know About Diabetes

We encountered a lot of wonderful people and diabetes superheroes at the 2019 Friends For Life Conference this July, hosted at Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida by Children With Diabetes.

As always, it was particularly special to meet the children with type 1 diabetes who came out to the event. Living with diabetes isn’t easy for anyone, but it’s especially challenging for the kids who need to handle it while also tackling all the challenges of growing up, going to school, and learning how to make their way through the world.

In the spirit of resilience and bravery that they exhibit, here’s a video of some of the kids we met telling us the one thing that they want people who don’t have type 1 diabetes to know about the lifelong chronic condition.

Please share this video with family and friends, and spread awareness of all the challenges – big and little – that people with type 1 diabetes face daily. (And to let them know that yes – people with type 1 diabetes can eat sugar.)

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