You Told Glu: More Than 1/3 of T1Ds Diagnosed in Adulthood


Filling out your profile on Glu is important for many reasons: when you do so, it helps us better understand the community, and what research projects might be the most relevant and interesting to you. Some information from the profile is available to view on our community stats page.

Looking at this page, I recently noticed that among our Glu community, the average age at diagnosis is 19. With the common belief that T1D is diagnosed more frequently in children, I wondered why this average was so high? After a quick analysis of our data, I found some surprising results:


As you can see, there is a wide range here. While the majority of people are in fact diagnosed in childhood, 38% are diagnosed as adults. This finding has huge implications, and we will be focusing on age at diagnosis as a main variable while analyzing findings from our recent diagnosis survey.

More than 4,700 people on Glu filled out this area of their profile. This sample size is great, and gives me confidence in the generalizability of this data. However, keep in mind that a lot of people on Glu did NOT report age at diagnosis. Only about 25% of total people on Glu had this information filled out. I wonder if the results would stay the same if more people participated.

What do you think about this data breakdown? Does it surprise you? Oh, and by the way, have YOU filled out your profile data?

-Danielle Gianferante/GluDanielle

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