You Told Glu! Retinopathy in the Glu Community


Good News!

In a Question of the Day, an overwhelming majority (81% of 477) Glu participants indicated that they have been screened for diabetic retinopathy at some point in the past. However, it is important to get screened regularly!


Getting Screened

Out of 537 people polled in the Glu community, 33% (175) reported that they have been diagnosed with retinopathy, although comments revealed that many respondents have been diagnosed with mild, or “background” retinopathy that required no treatment.


Turn Worries into Action

The thought of developing vision problems can cause extreme anxiety: in fact, retinopathy was chosen as the most worrisome complication in a Question of the Day a few months ago. For some, fear of developing complications can have a positive impact on self-care. For example, 64% of people surveyed said that the risk of developing complications actually helps motivate them in their diabetes management.


Have a Plan

The best approaches to reducing your risk is keeping blood sugars in control, lowering high blood pressure and cholesterol, and getting screened regularly and finding support from your clinical team and family and friends.


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