New Glu Research Opportunity

We’re partnering with our friends at Tidepool to study how daily highs and lows might affect the health and well-being of people with type 1 diabetes.


To celebrate Diabetes Awareness Month, we're sharing 30 graphics based on Glu polls about life with type 1 diabetes on Instagram all month! Here's a preview.

Two certified diabetes educators provide a clear explanation of how this new class of drugs works in the body, and the benefits and risks of SGLT2 treatment.

The factory-calibrated device eliminates the need for fingersticks for calibration and blood sugar management decisions, while its app allows for remote monitoring of CGM readings.

Such a technique might one day help researchers devise treatments to cause dormant cells to begin to create insulin again. More research will be needed to validate this preliminary effort, however.

We provide a brief roundup of the research on marijuana use and diabetes, a chemical profile of the popular drug, and a snapshot of the laws surrounding its use.

A personal story of detaching from diabetes devices by the T1D Exchange’s Director of Quality Care and Clinical Innovation.

How a varied experience in clinics, labs, and business has prepared Dr. Schuster for this moment.

One Drop announced its latest Bluetooth blood glucose monitor will transmit readings directly to most Apple Watches, and two other features that may help the diabetes community.

A college sophomore with type 1 diabetes discusses how she decided to cultivate a support team to ease the burden of daily blood glucose management.

Dara Schuster, MD, discusses the importance of real-world evidence in shaping care for people with type 1 diabetes, and how T1D Exchange gathers that information for researchers.