1. Type 1 Diabetes and Intimacy: Reducing Burden in the Bedroom

    diabetes sex problems

    Here on Glu, we offer people living with type 1 diabetes the chance to be open and honest, sharing challenges and gaining support from others who know how much this disease can get in the way of life. Having an anonymous forum allows us to gain real perspective on some deeply personal matters. Several months […]

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  2. Glu and ADA Teaming Up for Mental Health Initiative

    “Emotional support would be very nice right now. As a 19-year old young woman, I like to look forward to my life and my future, not fear it like I do everyday. I hate thinking about what could happen. I hate feeling this way.”  “My anxiety and depression are so profound that I don’t know […]

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  3. DiabeteSpeaks: Diabetes, All Grown Up

    In our last episode, we talked with Jeff’s fiancée about the partner’s perspective on life with type 1 diabetes. Here, we talk with Jeff about being diagnosed at the age of 32, and he talks to us about how he learned to adjust his routine to play soccer or go climbing, and how beneficial a […]

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  4. Pregnancy with Type 1 Diabetes: Patient Perspectives

    type 1 diabetes pregnancy

      There are many things to consider in pregnancy with type 1 diabetes (T1D). What we have learned through Glu is that there is a lack of published literature about how pregnancy has been managed in the past. We hope to remedy this. Based on the level of interest around pregnancy with type 1 diabetes, […]

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  5. Love Diabetes Camp? We Want Your Feedback!

    It might be cold and dreary out your window this time of year, but it’s never too early to start planning for summer! Over the next several weeks, diabetes camps will begin collecting applications and filling up quickly. Today we’re kicking off a series of five questions of the day about camps and sharing some […]

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  6. As Frustrations Mount, T1D Exchange Tackles Problems in Diabetes Care

    diabetes clinic wait times

    It is clear that many people living with or loving someone with type 1 diabetes (T1D) are frustrated — not only with the challenges of managing their diabetes day-to-day, but also with insurance coverage and costs, access to high quality medical care and compassionate support by their care team. In 2014, the American Diabetes Association […]

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  7. The Future of Healthcare

    In mid-December, we posted an open letter to the incoming Trump administration about the need for a reliable and affordable healthcare system. As one of 72 disease organizations signing the letter, we are closely following news about potential changes to the Affordable Care Act and other issues related to health insurance for all Americans. While […]

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  8. Glu Events & Appearances

    Glu will be presenting, attending, and/or networking at several upcoming events focused on type 1 diabetes.  Here’s where you can catch us in 2017! ONE: The Ultimate Conference and Retreat for Adults with Type 1 Diabetes San Diego, CA June 23-25, 2017 Children with Diabetes Friends for Life Annual Conference Orlando, FL July 4-9, 2017 American […]

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