Semma Therapeutics, Which is Developing Beta Cell Replacement Therapy, to Be Purchased for $950 Million

Vertex Pharmaceuticals announced it will acquire the company, which is developing this innovative cellular therapy to treat type 1 diabetes.

New Study Finds Autism Not More Common Among Those with Type 1 Diabetes

In the study, the researchers also found that youth with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) and type 1 diabetes had a slightly lower HbA1c than those with type 1 diabetes who did not have an ASD diagnosis.

Fiasp Approved for Children with Type 1 Diabetes in Europe

Novo Nordisk, the makers of Fiasp, has also asked the FDA to approve pediatric use of the insulin.

Word Choice Matters in Diabetes Care

In a recent webinar, a T1D Exchange diabetes researcher and an Ohio University associate professor presented the clinical impact of diabetes stigma, and how health care professionals can use person-first language to foster a collaborative conversation with people with diabetes.

A Northern Arizona University Researcher is Working to Extend Shelf Life of Insulin

Gerrick Lindberg, PhD, is testing experimental solutions to create an insulin formulation that would not need refrigeration over a long-term period.

Preprandial Insulin and Routine Eating Patterns May Help Children with Type 1 Diabetes Reach Glycemic Targets

In the Australian study, researchers found that regular mealtimes and less snacking was associated with lower HbA1c.

Two Minnesota Insurers Move to Cap or Eliminate Out-of-Pocket Insulin Costs

Blue Cross Blue Shield of Minnesota will eliminate out-of-pocket costs for its fully insured customers, while UCare will cap the costs at $25 a month.

FDA Gives Medtronic Investigational Approval for Weeklong Infusion Sets

Medtronic now will launch a pivotal trial of the experimental infusion sets, not pictured here, with the aim of bringing them to market.

The Quest to Develop a Sesame-Seed Sized CGM

How the founder of Integrated Medical Sensors was motivated to develop better blood sugar monitoring options by his mother’s diabetes diagnosis.

Almost 40 Percent of Pump Users on Medicare Experienced Problems that Changed Their Blood Sugar Management

That was just one of the alarming findings from a study of Medicare recipients conducted, in part, by T1D Exchange Patient-Centered Research.