New Glu Research Opportunity

We’re partnering with our friends at Tidepool to study how daily highs and lows might affect the health and well-being of people with type 1 diabetes.


In this interview with T1D Exchange - Glu, Dr. Anette-Gabriele Ziegler discusses the importance of research to find early markers to detect type 1 diabetes.

Twelve people who took the class of drugs developed a rare form of gangrene in the genital area over a five-year period.

How one father of a girl with type 1 diabetes stood in the way to prevent a grave medical error.

The Diabetes Disaster Relief Coalition provides a quick guide for healthcare providers on how to help people with diabetes on insulin therapy utilize the insulin available during a disaster.

The Diabetes Disaster Relief Coalition has published a storm preparedness guide. The coalition also provides important information for those affected by major storms in real time.

Good advice from the College Diabetes Network’s well-loved Off to College with Diabetes guide.

Researchers are studying the fish to determine why they thrive despite wild blood glucose levels and insulin resistance.

Aretha Franklin Passes Away

The Queen of Soul was private about her diabetes and her health concerns. We gather what she disclosed about her health over the years.

If approved, it would become the first room temperature-stable liquid glucagon on the market.

A diabetes tech company in India wants to create a low-cost automated pump system that uses electric pulses to open up skin pores wide enough to absorb insulin.