1. Innovation in Diabetes: Seeing Life through a Global Lens

    Colorful painted buildings of Favela in Rio de Janeiro Brazil

      The 7.0 earthquake that rocked Haiti in 2010. A Category 5 hurricane that hit the Atlantic island nations this past September. The constant and unrelenting attacks on the war-torn neighborhoods of Aleppo. When news like this travels across the globe, we watch in horror as innocent people suffer the unthinkable. We struggle to understand […]

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  2. DiabeteSpeaks: The Partner’s Perspective


    In the episodes of the DiabeteSpeaks podcast we’ve had so far, we’ve talked with people who were diagnosed with type 1 diabetes, and sometimes their parents. This time, we’re talking with a partner. Jennifer was with her fiancé, Jeff, when he was diagnosed. As a physical therapist, she draws connections between her career and how […]

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  3. You Told Glu: Diabetes Devices A Double-edged Sword Overnight


    It’s been well documented that poor sleep quality affects overall health in a negative way. But what if you must wake up at night, in order to manage an existing disease? This is certainly the case with type 1 diabetes (T1D), where people get up at night to correct blood glucose (BG) and/or in response […]

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  4. Implanted Artificial Pancreas Survey


      What’s new in Glu Research? We are working with the Helmsley Charitable Trust and a start-up called PhysioLogic Devices to understand how an implantable artificial pancreas system may improve quality of life in type 1 diabetes and the best way to move forward with such a device. This is a surgically implanted device that […]

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  5. Patient-centered Innovations Lighting the Way for Better Diabetes Outcomes

      I have been involved in the fight for better diabetes solutions for almost two decades. Never have I seen more promise in therapies and devices than I do right now. But innovation and improvements don’t happen overnight — and they don’t happen without you, our community of people touched by type 1 diabetes. In […]

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  6. You Told Glu: Six-Word Memoirs about Halloween with Type 1


    Type 1 Diabetes was the trick I wasn’t expecting three years ago.  Four days before Halloween, I should have been running to Target for last minute costumes and candy, like all the other parents. Instead, I was returning home from the hospital with my newly diagnosed six-year-old son. Just getting through the day was hard […]

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  7. And The Winners Are…


    T1D Exchange announces the winners of the 2016 Diabetes Innovation Challenge The Diabetes Innovation Challenge 2016 is now in the books, as the Finals competition was held Thursday evening in Cambridge, Massachusetts. This competition was a first-ever, open, worldwide challenge to identify and accelerate transformational advancements in diabetes research and care. T1D Exchange and M2D2 […]

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  8. You Told Glu: More Than 1/3 of T1Ds Diagnosed in Adulthood


    Filling out your profile on Glu is important for many reasons: when you do so, it helps us better understand the community, and what research projects might be the most relevant and interesting to you. Some information from the profile is available to view on our community stats page. Looking at this page, I recently […]

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  9. Glu Content Library

    Since our inception in 2012, we’ve written hundreds of articles on type 1 diabetes challenges, celebrations, research, complications, news and more. Browse by category below: Adults & T1D Challenges & Complications Devices & Technology DiabeteSpeaks Glu Insights Healthcare & Insurance Inspiration & Advocacy Insulins & Non-insulins New & Newsworthy Nutrition & Exercise Our team Parenting […]

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