1. Promising Innovations in T1D Early Detection Emerge Victorious at Diabetes Innovation Challenge


      Our recent Diabetes Innovation Challenge, the first-ever, open, worldwide challenge to identify and accelerate transformational advancements in diabetes research and care, awarded Enable Biosciences the top prize in late stage development. This is the second article in our three-part series of winner profiles.  An early diagnosis is one of the most important tools available […]

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  2. Implantable CGM Started as Caltech Graduate Project, Wins Top Prize at Diabetes Innovation Challenge


    As we’ve been reporting for several months, T1D Exchange recently teamed up with M2D2, a joint venture between the University of Massachusetts Lowell and UMass Medical School, for the Diabetes Innovation Challenge. The Challenge was the first-ever, open, worldwide challenge to identify and accelerate transformational advancements in diabetes research and care. There were two top winners, […]

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  3. T1D Resources & Toolkits

      Type 1 Diabetes — Whether you’ve had it for 50 years, 50 days or 50 hours, there’s always something to learn. Here are some resources that can help: Glu These are just a few of our most popular educational articles on Glu. For a full list by category, click here! Diabetes Discounts and Savings […]

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  4. What We Learn about Insulin from Glu


    Insulin—our lifeline, but how do we talk about the role it has in our type 1 lives in just an hour? That topic is so vague! How on earth can you dedicate just one meeting to talking about insulin? Early in 2015 we here in Boston provided a program on insulin that was funded by […]

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  5. One More Way to Stick With Us

    Dear Friends, As a member of T1D Exchange’s Glu community, your voice helps drive our mission to lessen the burden of type 1 diabetes. By answering our Questions of the Day, filling out surveys, and engaging with us and others in the Glu community, you are making a difference for all who live with T1D. […]

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  6. Did you Know? An Overview of Gastroparesis

    One of the most insightful aspects of question of the day is getting your questions as responses appear. Because so many of you have weighed in on gastroparesis, our research team went straight to work to give you an overview of this common but not-often-discussed condition. What is Gastroparesis? Gastroparesis occurs when there is a delayed emptying […]

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  7. Trying to Convince Your Child to Care About Their Diabetes? Don’t Bother.


    An Open Letter to Parents, from Someone Who’s Been There As an adult who works closely with parents and peers, “when did you become independent with your diabetes?” and “when did you start really caring about your diabetes?” are questions I’m asked fairly often. If your child was diagnosed before or during adolescence, managing and […]

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  8. Innovation in Diabetes: Seeing Life through a Global Lens

    Colorful painted buildings of Favela in Rio de Janeiro Brazil

      The 7.0 earthquake that rocked Haiti in 2010. A Category 5 hurricane that hit the Atlantic island nations this past September. The constant and unrelenting attacks on the war-torn neighborhoods of Aleppo. When news like this travels across the globe, we watch in horror as innocent people suffer the unthinkable. We struggle to understand […]

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  9. DiabeteSpeaks: The Partner’s Perspective


    In the episodes of the DiabeteSpeaks podcast we’ve had so far, we’ve talked with people who were diagnosed with type 1 diabetes, and sometimes their parents. This time, we’re talking with a partner. Jennifer was with her fiancé, Jeff, when he was diagnosed. As a physical therapist, she draws connections between her career and how […]

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