AOC Brings Insulin Prices Into Hearing on Price-Gouging by Military Contracts

The congresswoman totals up how many vials of insulin the government could buy for the price charged for a batch of small clutch disks.

FDA Delays Decision on Eli Lilly’s Nasal Glucagon

Eli Lilly and Company is currently seeking FDA approval for their nasal glucagon, but a recent decision delay may set back their timeline for bringing the treatment to market.

Kentucky Attorney General Sues Insulin Makers of Alleged Pricing Scheme

In a lawsuit, he accuses Novo Nordisk, Lilly, and Sanofi of reporting inaccurately high list prices to drive up profits for both insulin makers and pharmacy benefit managers.

A Blood Glucose Monitor Designed With Consumers, Not Patients, In Mind

How Lonny Stormo’s frustration with meter design led to the creation of POPS! Diabetes Care, and a meter that is elegant enough to double as an iPhone case.

Acting FDA Commissioner Ned Sharpless Calls Insulin Price Increases “Intolerable”

He made the comment in opening statements at a public hearing on proposed rules intended to bring less-expensive biosimilar and interchangeable insulins to market.

Lack of Access to Healthcare Drives Far Higher Rates of DKA Hospitalization in the U.S. than in Canada

Researchers suggest that high healthcare costs cause young adults with type 1 diabetes to ration insulin and other supplies, and this leads to disastrous health outcomes.

insulin kennedy pricing

We share the five most eye-opening quotes from the T1D Exchange Glu interview with the congressman in the wake of hearings on the spike in the price of insulin.

RileyLink founder Pete Schwamb has released the code for others in the #WeAreNotWaiting movement to test run.

The title of this article is in error, and we provide a link to the corrected title.

In an exclusive interview with T1D Exchange Glu, the congressman discusses the insulin pricing crisis, who he blames for it, and how it might be fixed.