1. Sleep, Devices and Type 1 Diabetes: A Glu Research Project


    At Glu and the T1D Exchange, we’ve been focusing on better understanding daily life with type 1 diabetes. We recently published articles on the complicated topic of eating pizza and managing blood glucose, and will be publishing the results of our latest Project Alcohol over the next couple of days. Our next topic? Night life! […]

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  2. The Type 3 Perspective: Upcoming Annual Meeting to Feature Caregiver Panel


    Here at Glu, we rely on you, the people touched by type 1 diabetes, to provide the input we need to drive research. Our Questions of the Day, research surveys, articles and status updates are all ways to begin a conversation around important topics that affect the lives of T1D patients, caregivers and supporters. But […]

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  3. On the Move: Three Ways to Ensure Quality Care When Changing Providers

    Doctor Taking Senior Female Patient's Blood Pressure

    Your Diabetes may vary – this is a phrase that has been etched into my day-to-day routine as well as any diabetes advice I can recall in the last 3+ years living type 1 diabetes (T1D). It rings true in many ways, as everyone has different devices, therapies, ratios used for dosing insulin — the […]

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  4. DiabeteSpeaks: Family Matters


    In this two-part interview, we talk with an entire family about life with type 1 diabetes. Both daughters, Maddie and Sarah, both have type 1, and their brother Jacob lives with Crohn’s disease. Their parents, Aimee and Scott, are both medical professionals and were able to diagnose their children as the symptoms began to present. […]

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  5. You Told Glu: Adult Diabetes Camps Support and Empower People with T1D


    Summer camp is magical-especially if you have diabetes. As an adult, one of the first topics of conversation when meeting new D-friends is “did you go to camp?” For those diagnosed as a teen or an adult, or for others who didn’t have the chance to attend diabetes camp as a child, it’s a serious […]

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  6. Can a Band-Aid Monitor Glucose in Type 1 Diabetes? T1D Exchange Seeks New Innovations


    This summer, we announced our Diabetes Innovation Challenge—a program we created to find innovators and entrepreneurs who have new ideas and out-of-the-box approaches to combat diabetes. Challenge winners (there will be at least two) will receive up to $150,000 cash or valuable in-kind mentoring and development services provided by T1D Exchange, M2D2 (a joint venture […]

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  7. You Told Glu: The Impact of Diabetes Technology on Family Members

      How does the use of diabetes-related technology, such as insulin pumps and CGM’s, impact family members of those living with T1D? We’ve got the results of last year’s Glu survey here!  While many negative aspects of technology use were identified, including the impact on sleep, the majority of family members reported that the benefits […]

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  8. DiabeteSpeaks, Episode 13: What’s a Story Worth?


    We’ve come to the end of season one of our podcast, but season two is still rolling out on Podbean, iTunes, and will be here on Glu. In this episode, host Steve Richert talks with Jenn, who lived with a diagnosis of type 2 diabetes for six years before learning that she really had type […]

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