New Glu Research Opportunity

We’re partnering with our friends at Tidepool to study how daily highs and lows might affect the health and well-being of people with type 1 diabetes.


The move now gives Medtronic pump users an alternative to Medtronic’s CareLink data platform.

We examine the difference between single-payer healthcare and an all-payer system, which actually has been tried in some states.

Take a look at how diabetes was treated and diagnosed throughout history.

For perhaps the first time ever, researchers are trying to standardize the definition of hypoglycemia and its aftereffects. T1D Exchange is providing important biological samples and data to help with the effort.

If approved, it could have the potential to reshape how severe hypoglycemia is treated.

But CGM users saw less of a rise in levels than non-CGM users. We sum up this and four other studies from the T1D Exchange clinic registry that were accepted for the American Diabetes Association 78th Annual Scientific Sessions.

Read the results of five studies from T1D Exchange's Patient-Centered Research team. All five abstracts were posters at the ADA 78th Annual Scientific Sessions in Orlando.

Eversense CGM users will be able to track their glucose trends using Glooko’s platform.

Bunny Kasper, who we have featured in T1D Exchange’s Patient Panelist Spotlight, talks candidly about aging with type 1 diabetes.

The T1D Exchange Learning Collaborative also uncovered that adult diabetes clinics were much less likely than pediatric clinics to offer psychological services.