1. Diabetes Educators: Your Allies in T1D Management

    diabetes educator support CDE provider type 1 diabetes T1D

    You probably met with a diabetes educator when you (or your child) were first diagnosed, learning what you needed to know about type 1 diabetes and how to live well with this brand new condition. Your educator may have worked with you to develop a daily diabetes management plan, teaching you about taking insulin and […]

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  2. For Some Providers, Patient Burden is a Top Focus

    A recent blog post by Riva Greenberg made its way through the DOC (diabetes online community) last week, creating a vibrant conversation between people with type 1 diabetes and patient advocates. The post was in response to a quote by Victor Montori, M.D., who made claims about health care providers ignoring the “work of being […]

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  3. “Not Good Enough”: How One Dad Led the Change in Diabetes Devices through Grassroots Research and Collaboration

    jeffrey brewer bigfoot artificial pancreas

    For over 15 years, academic leaders in clinical research and engineering worked with funders, patient groups and industry to support the advancement of AID. In 2002, Bigfoot Biomedical CEO Jeffrey Brewer’s technology career was flourishing, having founded two successful startup dot-coms that later became publicly traded companies. He had just moved his family from Silicon […]

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  4. A Glu Milestone Pushes T1D Exchange Research Forward

    Here at T1D Exchange, we are pleased to announce our online patient community Glu has reached a milestone! The number of registered community users reached (and has already passed) 20,000! 20,000 individuals personally touched by type 1 diabetes makes a big difference in our work to improve outcomes and accelerate research. Here’s a glimpse of […]

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  5. T1D Voices Mattered!

    Last week, we asked you to let your Congressional representatives know that people with type 1 diabetes deserve affordable healthcare. More than 1,000 people responded to our request and told Congress that any new healthcare legislation must ensure those with pre-existing conditions have continuing protections and affordable access. Your inspiring stories were heard! The House […]

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  6. DiabeteSpeaks: The Hard Truth about Medicaid

    In this episode of the DiabeteSpeaks podcast, we talk with Jess, who was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes at the age of 29. Four years later, she digs deep in this intense interview and tells us not only about being diagnosed, but the challenges she faces by being reliant on Medicaid, what can happen in […]

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  7. CMS Announces CGM Coverage for Medicare Patients; T1D Exchange Data Supported Decision

    The diabetes community is rejoicing over today’s announcement that the U.S. Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) have published new criteria for covering the Dexcom G5 Mobile CGM (continuous glucose monitoring) system for all people with diabetes on intensive insulin therapy. This decision comes after years of hard work, rigorous studies and advocacy by many […]

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  8. T1D Exchange Calls on Congress to Protect Medicaid; Asks Glu Users to ACT NOW!

    protect medicaid diabetes children

    T1D Exchange has once again partnered with 87 other organizations calling on Congress to take a hard look at the likely significant and life-threatening consequences of the American Health Care Act (ACHA) on millions of patients. The organizations represent Americans with complex health needs who rely on Medicaid for access to care, prevention and treatment. […]

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