Amy Ohmer and her two daughters have learned a lot about life with type 1 diabetes, and they are sharing their experience and providing an important perspective to the T1D Exchange Quality Improvement Collaborative.

Admetsys CEO Jeff Valk believes his company’s proposed insulin and glucagon automated glucose control system could improve care for people with diabetes in critical care units.

After scoring second place at the 2016 T1D Exchange Diabetes Innovation Challenge, Admetsys is working towards FDA approval for an artificial pancreas for use in hospital and surgical settings.

The pharmacy chain admits to dispensing pens in packs of five, even when the prescribed amount called for less, and then billed the programs for the extra amount.

Five questions with a diabetes health data geek about how data might be harnessed to improve diabetes care now and in the future.

Dr. Sanjeev N. Mehta, a Joslin Diabetes Center pediatric endocrinologist, sees opportunity in standardizing patient data collection. He’s collaborating with the T1D Exchange Quality Improvement Collaborative to harness clinical data to improve diabetes care.

A stark report on insulin costs finds the price of standalone insulins on the market rose from $0.13 a unit to $0.25 a unit during that time.

A young woman with type 1 diabetes shares some tips you might not necessarily get from a certified diabetes educator.

The Eversense CGM available on the U.S. market has a sensor that is only approved for 90 days of use. An 180-day sensor is already available in Europe.

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