We provide an overview of the symptoms of hypothyroidism and who is most at risk. —Danielle -Gianferante–GluDanielle Your skin is dry, you feel cold and constantly tired (but have trouble sleeping), you’ve quickly gained about 15 lbs. that you just cannot lose, and you’re always feeling just a bit sad. You mention these symptoms to […]

  Two moms of children with type 1 diabetes share what T1D summer camp meant for their families.  —Amy Bevan–GluMom Two moms, Colleen O’Connell (CO) of Haverhill, Massachusetts, and Lisa Corcoran (LC) of York, Maine, sent their daughters to Camp Carefree, a diabetes camp in New Durham, New Hampshire, for two weeks in early August. […]

Getting back into the swing of the school routine is never fun for anyone—new alarm clock times, bedtime rituals, packing lunches, and homework—yuck! For those of us living with type 1 diabetes, it adds an entirely different set of challenges. Diagnosed in kindergarten in 1989, one of my tasks was to count out 22 goldfish […]


[Published on diaTribe. To view original post, please click here.] By Amelia Cooper Twitter summary: Read 15 y/o Amelia’s top 5 highlights from @JDRF Children’s Congress 2015! 15 year-old Amelia Cooper was one of over 150 children who visited Washington, DC, as delegates for JDRF’s Children’s Congress on July 13-15. She and other children and […]


I want to thank those who create the amazing devices that make my diabetes easier to manage and help me stay healthier. That said, there’s a cost to new technology and devices we never talk about. It’s the one to patients. And I’m not talking financial. While devices lighten the burden of managing my disease, […]

Kristen Rice CDE

In an effort to understand how certified diabetes educators (CDEs) work with teens, I interviewed Kristen Rice. I have been meeting with Kristen for the past eight years, and she has really helped me in so many ways that go beyond diabetes management—she’s helped me develop as a person. It’s important to make a good […]

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We’re delighted to announce a new addition to our team! Dr. Henry Anhalt joined T1D Exchange as chief medical officer, and you’ll be hearing from him from time to time on Glu. As part of his new role with us, he’ll serve as a principal investigator and also be responsible for our long-term clinical priorities, […]

Amy at table FFL2015

The Glu team has returned from the International Children with Diabetes’ 16th annual Friends for Life Conference in Orlando. For six days, hundreds of families affected by type 1 diabetes came together from all over the U.S. and the world, and Glu was there to share our mission of getting the type 1 community involved […]

Glu Research team staff, Asher Runion and Amy Kraus

  Almost one year ago, I joined the T1D Exchange team as a clinical research manager. Part of my role involves developing and managing the research studies we conduct on Glu. Last fall, we introduced a study examining the use of insulin pumps from the patient perspective. We were thrilled with the response from the […]


To Whom It May Concern: This is a missive for all those who use their public position, power, and audience in public and the media to use words like “diabetes” and “diabetic” as pejoratives—while spreading catchy memes, rife with misinformation that ultimately make it harder for us actually living with diabetes to be healthy. Feeding […]