Have you ever wondered what your child might learn about food and nutrition at the camp? Have you wondered what they might eat while they are there and what goes into the meal planning and food education? Anna, a dietitian from Camp Sure Fire, answers some of our questions. What food do you use to treat low […]

Now We Are Six

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My eldest son recently turned six, the age I was at my diabetes diagnosis. Like many six-year-olds, Charlie is a blend of energy, creativity, and wishful thinking that he didn’t have when he was five and will grow out of by the time he’s seven. A special age, it’s no wonder Winnie the Pooh’s creator, […]

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Thanks to Glu for the opportunity to talk about balancing the challenges of healthy eating and diabetes management. It’s one heck of a tough job, day in and day out. Hopefully in responding to the questions posed by Glu below I’ve offered you a few thoughts to ponder as you strive to eat healthier and […]


How many times have you sworn, pledged, and promised to never eat ________ ever again? How many times you vowed to never eat ice cream again or labeled potato chips as “forbidden”? How many times have you created a rule for yourself around food in an effort to control your behavior around that food? In […]

A Semester in Veganism


My aunt has tried a lot of different types of diets over the years, and the only one she ever stuck to for longer than a few months was veganism. It’s also the only diet to which she has ever tried to convert me. About a year ago, when I visited my relatives over summer, […]

Circle of Attendees

“How you going?” became the phrase I heard quite often as I navigated my way through the streets of Melbourne, in Victoria, Australia, for the International Diabetes Federation World Congress that took place on December 2–6, 2013. As a faculty member, I was invited to help organize and facilitate the Young Leaders in Diabetes program […]

Take the Carb Resolution!


  If you have lived with type 1 diabetes for most of your life, then you treat food like you treat putting on your clothes in the morning: you stop for a second, think about your options, but most days you arbitrarily pick whatever is easiest. It’s amazing how many times our endos will look […]

Cheese and wine

  ‘Tis the season for indulging. Can you guesstimate the carb amount for each of these mouth-watering winter drinks? The answers are listed below the quiz. Nutritional information was supplied through Calorie King. 1. Glass of red wine (Burgundy), 5 fl oz. (a) 3.5 grams of carbs (b) 5.5 grams of carbs (c) 9.5 grams of […]

David vs. Diabetes Goliath

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Diabetes Goliath is a relentless, mighty beast with night-and-day vicious endurance that I have battled consistently for twenty-five years and counting. At first look, this unmanageable nightmare of self-discipline can seem to be a 24-hour-a-day war zone disease, destroying anyone’s blood sugar balancing act. This Diabetes Goliath listens to no one, its combat strategy can […]

No Two Are Exactly Alike

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People with diabetes are a lot like snowflakes. Only we don’t melt when exposed to heat. We are children and parents, sales people and entrepreneurs, farmers and marathon runners—the list goes on. But it’s not just what we do for a living that makes us different; it’s also how we live. There are those of […]