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When I heard that Glu was having an event in NYC, I knew I couldn’t pass up on the opportunity to attend. The event was to discuss and inform fellow T1Ds and healthcare providers about Tandem Diabetes Care’s t:slim® Insulin Pump as well as educate people more on what Glu is as part of T1D […]

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Most adults start their day off by getting out of bed and doing one of two things. One, you get out of bed and follow the same routine every morning, most likely sitting down to have a cup of coffee or tea, maybe doing some dishes and laundry or making the bed. The other possibility […]

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T1D Exchange is involved in many research projects, and we’re looking forward to sharing news about upcoming studies as they become available. Today we made the following announcement about conducting the first-ever study of the black-white “glycation gap” among T1D patients.  New York City – The Type 1 Diabetes Program of the Helmsley Charitable Trust […]

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My son, David, was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes in March 2013. In full-blown DKA, we spent several days in the hospital recovering and learning as much as we could about diabetes—something about which my wife and I knew absolutely nothing. After this very brief introduction, our pediatric endocrinologist told us that while for most […]

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Have you heard of Human Factors research? As a practice in the development of medical devices, it’s become increasingly important, and plays a significant role in FDA’s assessment of new products. It combines a variety of disciplines to optimize a person’s experience in using devices and equipment. At our annual meeting in May, Noel Schaeffer, […]

Reaching a Milestone

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We know everyone with diabetes hates numbers, but here’s one we want to celebrate—Glu hit 10,000 members! When we started exploring what type of community was needed for individuals and families affected by T1D almost five years ago, we learned that there was a need for a private and secure community to support members on […]

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It’s been great to see all the recent press about the bionic pancreas since the ADA’s 74th Scientific Sessions a couple of weeks ago. As many of you have seen here on Glu, it’s one of our favorite topics! In March, I had the great opportunity to speak about being part of the Beacon Hill […]

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The first thing most people seem to assume when they hear the phrase “diabetes burnout” is that it means someone who is experiencing it has completely given up on themselves and their diabetes. Sometimes that assumption is followed by, “Oh, I would never do that,” as though feeling burnout is both automatically a choice and […]

Managing Night Shifts

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It has been just over fifteen years since I was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes, and two years since I became a registered nurse. My desire to become a nurse stemmed from many things, but most influential in my decision was my experience with T1D. Now two years into my career, it turns out the […]

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It’s been an exciting few days for me and the Glu Team. This past weekend was the SLAMDiabetes Western Connecticut 2014 Classic wiffleball tournament in Danbury. I can proudly say our team rocked and won the tournament! I will be doing a post on that great (and very windy!) event shortly. We had a Glu […]