Annual meeting patient panel RS3

Recently, I had the privilege to participate in a patient panel for the T1D Exchange Annual Meeting. The panel consisted of five individuals living with T1D at different stages in their lives. I represented the young women, and new mother, living with T1D. I had the pleasure of sharing my story, which included my major […]


We recently had an opportunity to interview Howard Look, CEO of Tidepool, an innovative, open source approach to managing data from diabetes devices. Both Howard Look and Tidepool’s co-founder and CTO, Steve McCanne, have daughters with type 1 diabetes, and are pursuing a groundbreaking vision that will offer a range of benefits for people with […]

The First Summer

Myrtle Beach-Family3

The summer of 2013 was the first summer I ever had to think about food and drink consumption and activity levels. After 37 prior summers of “absolute carefree freedom,” it was eye-opening, mind-numbing, and so many other things. Early in my diagnosis last year, I began to see that you can’t control what you don’t […]

Diabetes Training Camp


Diabetes Training Camp (DTC) is a unique clinical resource devoted to diabetes, fitness, exercise, and sports education. They build individualized diabetes management plans and offer lectures, workshops, training sessions, and counseling sessions with medical and coaching specialists. Whether you want to learn a fitness program, tweak your exercise regime and diabetes management, or take your […]


As I write this, the weather here in Minneapolis is cold, windy, and it’s been raining for days. My legs are sore, but I’m smiling from ear to ear because I braved the cold, wind, and rain to finish the longest run I’ve ever done (9.5 miles). I’m training to run a half marathon near […]

Almost Bionic…

AF setup

What is a clamp study? I quickly learned that a clamp study means that my blood sugar, with the help of sugar and insulin, would be “clamped” at a certain blood sugar target to see how well it breaks down sugar (in this case, glucagon). When asked about participating in this program, I quickly agreed. […]

Ragnar 2

Run, look at sensor, drive, sleep—repeat?! “What the heck is a Ragnar?” my parents asked when I explained what I was up to a couple of weekends ago. (They’ve long since stopped trying to understand all the crazy diabetes-related things I do). And let me just say this: I am not a fast runner. I […]


Thank you to our Glu community for helping to make a global impact! Each day, we work with investigators and researchers from nonprofits and industry to better understand the challenges of living with T1D. Your involvement in Glu and T1D Exchange makes a major impact for all of us working together to improve care and […]

Glu cafe from SLAM

Have you ever hit a homerun out of Fenway Park and Yankee Stadium while raising money for type 1 diabetes on the same day? I have! Well, maybe it was little Fenway and little Yankee Stadium and I was using a yellow plastic bat, but don’t tell my future grandkids this when I tell them […]

A 25-Year Journey

25yr medals-1773

  The Lilly Diabetes Journey Award program recognizes people at milestone years for diabetes management. Glu community managers Anna Floreen and Bill Woods received their bronze 25-year medals recently, and share their reflections on living with diabetes. Anna’s Reflection Twenty-five years is a long time. Okay, maybe not for some people who have lived decades […]