Medtronic Hypo Post

Sometimes the cause of hypoglycemia is obvious—too much insulin, too little food or delayed meal or snack after taking insulin, extra physical activity, illness, or medications. Other times, it seems to creep up for no apparent reason. Hypoglycemia, low blood glucose (BG), is defined as a BG of less than 70 mg/dL. Predicting hypoglycemia can […]


Guess what? Your commitment to the T1D Exchange and the Glu community has impressed the largest private funder of T1D research in the world. The Helmsley Charitable Trust is excited about how the T1D Exchange is driving faster, better research to improve type 1 outcomes. That means for a short time, if you make a […]


We have learned that Asante Solutions, maker of the Snap Insulin Pump, is going out of business, effectively immediately. If you or someone you care for uses the Snap Insulin Pump, please review the Asante Solutions announcement for more information. Just in case the website is unavailable the information from the link above is captured […]


The future of diabetes technology is gaining rapid momentum, and is in the news more and more. Whether you call it an artificial pancreas, bionic pancreas, or automated insulin delivery system, these types of devices are in development and as we’ve seen here on Glu, there is a tremendous amount of excitement about following the […]


When my oldest child was born, I spent 12 happy weeks immersing myself into motherhood. I had a fairly good gig—Sarah was an easygoing baby who slept well from the start and smiled willingly as long as she was fed and dry. It was hard not to be in love with this tiny creature and […]


Last week, I took part in the T1D Exchange Research Coordinator and Investigator Meeting in Florida—a conference where current and upcoming T1D Exchange research projects are presented and discussed. Attendees included many of the 230+ clinicians and coordinators from 70+ pediatric and adult sites in the T1D Exchange Clinic Network. Our own Glu Research team […]


Medicare (CMS) does not cover the cost of a continuous glucose monitor (CGM), no matter how great the person’s need for it. Finally able to bring your blood sugar under control by using a CGM? Had multiple episodes of severe hypoglycemia before using it? Sorry, a CGM is not covered. Unable to tell when you […]

The Five Followers


After wearing the Dexcom Share for a couple of days and getting used to seeing my own numbers on my phone, I thought, “Okay I’ll start inviting people to follow me and my blood sugar graph using the Dexcom ‘follow’ app on their Apple devices.” I sent an email to a few people and they […]


We don’t all climb mountains with diabetes. Or do we? On March 29th we partnered with Rock Type 1 for an amazing climbing event that brought nearly 100 kids and adults with type 1 together to do just that. It was really refreshing to see everyone just enjoying the social nature of climbing, getting some […]

The Dreaded Report Card


Every three months, we go to the doctor’s office or lab to find out our A1c. For some of us, we are excited to see if our hard work has paid off, and others know that all those holiday treats are going to cause a disappointment. We are emotionally attached to this number every quarter, […]