A mother of a child with type 1 diabetes wonders whether to celebrate her child’s first year since a type 1 diabetes diagnosis. —Amy Bevan–GluMom My family passed an important diabetes milestone: my seven-year-old son Miles’ first diabetes anniversary on October 23. As the “diaversary” approached, I grew excited and proud that we would soon […]

Transition to Nowhere

Waiting room

As a thirty-something, I feel like have nowhere to go when it comes to my endo clinic. I’m sitting here at the Bruegger’s across from the Joslin Diabetes Center just after my appointment, and I feel like I haven’t seen this topic discussed much in the blogosphere. While I waited in the long line to […]

A survey of nearly 60,000 children with T1D provides a full picture of how often DKA happens. Researchers have identified important differences in the occurrence of diabetic ketoacidosis (DKA) in children living with type 1 diabetes (T1D). Their findings were presented at the 53rd Annual Meeting of the European Society for Paedeatric Endocrinology in Dublin, […]

Homemade Thanksgiving Turkey on a Plate

Registered Dietician and Medtronic Diabetes Educator, Sandra, was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes at age 8, and her husband at age 11. It wasn’t until she became a Certified Product Trainer, training people with diabetes on the use of insulin pumps and continuous glucose monitors, that she really found her niche. With each person she’s […]

Dana Pazirer and Dana Ball

[Ever wonder about the origins of T1D Exchange and Glu? Starting in April, our friends at diaTribe published a series on Dana Ball, Executive Director of T1D Exchange and CEO of the nonprofit Unitio, and David Panzirer of the Helmsley Charitable Trust, the founding sponsor of T1D Exchange. Part 5 is below, along with the […]

Ayuda Photo 1

“Are you sure you have to go abroad now?” “Why don’t you just travel within the United States?” “Can you even travel with diabetes?” When presented with the opportunity to travel to abroad, many of my well-intentioned family and friends asked me plenty of questions like these in an attempt to convince me to stay […]

I have type 1 diabetes and this is why I go to therapy

A woman with type 1 diabetes shares how he handles the mental burden of daily blood sugar management.

A T1D Exchange study finds earlier diagnosis of type 1 diabetes and lower rates of DKA for children and adolescents of parents with type 1 diabetes. Children and adolescents with type 1 diabetes (T1D) who have at least one parent with T1D had less diabetic ketoacidosis (DKA) at diagnosis and were diagnosed slightly sooner than […]

food scale

If you were diagnosed after the year 2000, you are probably saying, “Whooza whatza exchange system? Is that like foreign currency for diabetics?” Ha ha. Let’s go old school for a minute: does anyone remember this little scale that lived on our kitchen counter-top back in the day? It was usually somewhere between the sweet-and-low […]

A panel of experts provide their advice for how to navigate insurance issues and get the diabetes supplies you need at the best possible cost. —Amy Bevan–GluMom —Amy Bevan–GluMom Glu hosted a presentation and panel discussion on health insurance for members of the Glu community. Patients, clinicians, and providers spoke about the health insurance process, […]