Colorado Caps Insulin Co-Pay Costs at $100 a Month

The new law doesn't addressed those who have to pay list price for insulin, however.



A pediatric endocrinologist with type 1 diabetes discusses a miscalculated bolus for a cupcake and the struggle to strike a balance between work and blood glucose management. By Dr. Shara Bialo, pediatric endocrinologist/Shara Three pediatric endocrinologists stood hunched over it, staring and analyzing. One held a reference book, relaying the suggested information. The other two […]

camp career

A director with the Barton Center for Diabetes Education discusses what being surrounded by community meant for her as a child, and what it means to her as an adult.


Why one mother stopped working outside the home to focus on caring for her child with type 1 diabetes and to be a part of diabetes advocacy.

punching gloves

It was completely my choice to be connected to an extra set of wires, infusion sites, an IV, and spend 5 nights away from the comforts of home. So why did I do this trial anyway? I did it so I could take part in something that could prove to the world that there IS […]

Day 6: Display Off

display off

      If someone were to ask me, “How often do you use a CGM?” I would say “Almost always.” In fact I think that was Question of the Day this week. I love the constant display of blood sugar graphs. It’s the first thing I grab in the morning so I can see […]

Diabetes Interview Tips


Ah, the joy of interviewing. If you are like me the interviewing process can be an overly stressful and discouraging process. Being a person with T1D adds even more strain to the situation. I’m going to share with you some tips I have learned along the way that has made this process a more pleasant […]

Day 5: The Bionic Blues

bionic blues 1

It’s the last morning of my “diabetes vacation”. I went to bed on a Sunday night dreading the return to my regular routine. The last day of the Bionic Pancreas Study reminds me of the last day at camp … only worse. I’ve been anticipating and getting excited for the familiar surroundings of home, but […]


We forget how much diabetes is such a silent illness. Twenty-four hours a day and seven days a week we think, think, and think again. Did we count the right carbs? Should I have taken the subway instead of walking to prevent that low? Should I not have had that extra chocolate kiss at the […]

Day 3: Defining Hope

Bionic buddies

I opened the door to my office trying not to spill my coffee as I walk towards my desk to find so many of my coworkers cheering and clapping that the stories sharing my journey through the Bionic Pancreas trial have gone viral on Facebook and have received the most “shares”, likes, and comments of anything we’ve […]

old school

    Never would I ever think that the term “bionic pancreas” would evoke the “old school” feeling of having diabetes. I don’t remember the last time I used alcohol swabs or a cotton balls to wipe the blood from a finger prick or god forbid use a meter the size of a brick. I […]