1. Making a Difference with Medical Alert Jewelry

    alert 1

    “So much in life is timing.” That’s something that I have heard since I was young. In 2003, that cliché became a reality as timing changed the entire direction of my life. I was walking out of a meeting for JDRF, when one of the women, Kathy, from the meeting stopped me. At the time, […]

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  2. Reacting to Life’s Detours

    detours 1

    The holiday season is a time for reflection. Not only do I judge my constant bolusing for Thanksgiving leftovers and online Christmas shopping decisions ( Oh I HAVE to buy that French bulldog figurine that doubles as a strawberry-flavored lip gloss – it’s 35% off!), but I also consider the choices I have made over […]

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  3. My Diabetic Tattoo

    tattoo 1

    I first decided I wanted a diabetic tattoo a few years ago. Sometimes you just don’t want to wear a medical bracelet all the time. A tattoo is always with you so you can’t lose it and you can’t forget it! When deciding on a design, I didn’t want something too big or something that […]

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  4. Holiday Reflection


      The close of November and beginning of December means the holiday season is upon us; the time where we give back, express our thanks, and reflect upon the past year. The end of 2012 marks my 11th year working in type 1 diabetes with the goal of advancing research, clinical care, patient resources, and keeping […]

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  5. Diabetes Advocates


    Diabetes Advocates is a program of the Diabetes Hands Foundation that connects grassroots diabetes advocates. Having used the term diabetes advocates twice in one sentence I figured I should take a few moments to be clear on what advocacy means to me. Advocacy is taking action to support a cause. At the most basic level, it is doing […]

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  6. What’s Advocacy Got to Do With It?

    bolus blogging

    My name is Hannah McDonald, and I am a diabetes advocate. Or activist. Whatever you want to call me, that’s me. There seem to be some arguments over the semantics of various terms, but here’s what you need to know. I’ve been blogging about my life with diabetes since 2006. I was diagnosed with Type […]

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  7. You Can Do This

    you can do this

    When you ask someone how having diabetes makes them feel, you’re bound to get a wide variety of answers… or you may get silence. That’s the thing about living with diabetes: you don’t always want to talk about it. The messy, ugly, scary parts are what we need support for the most, and yet they’re […]

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  8. College: Where’s the Support?


      Stranger: “So you can’t have sweets, right?” Me: “Well, none of us should be eating a lot of sweets.” My name is Elizabeth Greer. I’m a student majoring in Public Health with a minor in Chemistry and a concentration in Pre-Medicine at the University of Toledo. In addition to having an incredibly long list […]

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  9. No Doc, this is my Insulin Pump!

    doc 1

    I awoke at 2am, not for the usual diabetes bathroom break or low blood sugar refrigerator rampage, but because of a constant, sharp, persistent pain in my stomach, like nothing I’ve ever felt before. The pain was on the right side (where the important organs are) and had me struggling to lie down. After several […]

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  10. Moving Forward Together

    forward together

    November is National Diabetes Month and we think patient advocacy is an important topic to explore in depth. Diabetes is an invisible disease and you, the ones that live with it each and every day, must continuously, advocate for yourself in a variety of contexts and in many different ways. We want to discuss what […]

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