1. Camp Corner: A Parent Vacation


    We were just about to cross to that next cool part of our lives as a married couple –the time when you could take off without the kids for a weekend or more. Then I jinxed it. By saying it out loud. “Lauren will be in kindergarten this fall. I think we can leave the […]

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  2. Tell Diabetes to Hit the Road

    diabetes road 1

    I strapped my newborn to my chest in her sling, and pushed my double stroller through the airport. Two car seats, a diaper bag, an activity bag, and one carry-on suitcase full of diabetes supplies left no room for my baby in her stroller seat. My husband had gone before us to begin settling our […]

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  3. TSA

    jo (2)

    Some may say I become a bit high strung when I travel, but let’s face it – no one listens to you if you aren’t! Yes sir, I know more about my CGM and insulin pump than you do about ‘that cell phone, I mean insulin thing’. Also, PLEASE give me the exact carb counts […]

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  4. What To Do To Travel Smart and Safe


    I travel often for business and pleasure and have some “rules of the road” that can help you travel safely with diabetes-and make sure all your diabetes gear ends up with you when you arrive. First, I start out with a packing list. It has all my medications and supplies on it, and I refer […]

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  5. Top 10 T1D Trip Prep Tips


    by GluStaff on March 7, 2013 Recently I had the opportunity to take a trip to Alaska. I had a great time but prepping for the trip was an adventure in and of itself. I thought I’d share my top ten diabetes trip prep tips with you: · Put your pump site in a visible […]

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  6. Get to Know GluBill

    get to know bill

    Bill Woods (GluBill) our Community Manager here on Glu was recently interviewed on BloggingDiabetes.com. In this Podcast learn more about Bill as he talks with Tony Rose about growing up with type 1 diabetes, the challenges he faced in high school, college, and what he currently faces with his growing family. Everything is discussed from […]

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  7. What’s in Ryan’s Bag?


    Have you ever wondered what supplies other type one’s travel with? Check out this video where Ryan shares what’s in his backpack during a trip to Thailand. Would you pack the same things? By Ryan http://www.1happydiabetic.com

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  8. Talking Travel

    talking travel

    www.youtube.com/watch?v=3z8QEjnGyNg For many of us the winter months are cold and dreary but for some it means time to vacation and escape to warmer temperatures. We heard from several of you that you use the late winter and early spring months to prepare for summer adventures and we thought what better time than to tackle […]

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  9. Video: Diabetes Relationships

    relationships video

    We asked you, members of the Glu Community, what is most difficult to share with your partner/spouse about diabetes and what is most important thing to share with them? Watch as Bill and Anna share their personal experiences and recap some of your thoughts each topic:   By Bill Woods–GluBill and Anna Floreen–GluAnna

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  10. The Grey Beast of Diabetes

    kate header

    My awesome and fellow-librarian sister in-law sent me an email this past week titled, “The Great Grey Beast February.” The quote references British young-adult horror-ish novelist Clive Barker’s story ” The Thief of Always,” about a boy who feels “swallowed whole” by this dreary, wet, grey month. As I sit and write this evening, the […]

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