Getting Active

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Exercise can appear to be very intimidating, especially when living with type 1 diabetes. How do I exercise without my blood sugar going high/low? Can I do any type of exercise? Should I have a snack before or after? Should I use a pump or should I do injections? How do I properly manage my […]


We were somewhere east of Fresno, winding through the Sierra foothills, when my wife Sarah looked over at me and asked, “What are we getting ourselves into?” I didn’t have a good answer for that question. Our 4-year-old son, Sam, had been diagnosed with type 1 diabetes just three weeks earlier and our family was […]

The Camp Experience


At the age of 15, I attended my first summer at Camp EDI (Exercise, Diet, and Insulin); a camp offered through the American Diabetes Association in Missouri. I will never forget the first day of camp. As my mother drove me in, tears ran down my face because I didn’t want to participate in the […]

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A little over a year ago, our son Ian was diagnosed at the age of nine with T1D. We were flooded with information and were lucky that the summer camp season was only a few weeks away. The camp experience was life changing for our entire family. As we prepare for Ian’s second year of […]

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Campfires, bug juice, epic Gaga, best friends – these are the ingredients that stir up summer camp success. Whether your favorite camp is in the mountains, on the beach, at a college campus or in a city park, summer camp has enriched the lives of youth since 1861. Inside there’s a magic mixture of risk, […]

Big Blue Test Results


I know this won’t be news to you, but I’m going to say it anyway: exercise can be helpful when it comes to blood glucose control. It’s so simple, that you might be tempted to click away and chuckle under your breath about how silly I am for presenting this idea as if it’s novel. […]

Exercise is Medicine


That seems a bold statement, but think about it. Exercise helps lower your blood sugar, blood pressure, LDL (lousy) cholesterol, and A1C. It can even keep your blood sugar lower hours after you exercise because exercise increases your sensitivity to insulin. Physical activity improves circulation, lowers your risk for heart disease and stroke, and builds […]

diabetes education

  Have you heard? Medicare is cutting reimbursement by almost two thirds for blood glucose test strips starting this July. And because private health plans tend to follow Medicare’s lead, there will likely be a ripple effect into the greater diabetes community. The decision will not only affect people with diabetes, who may have to […]

Drinking with Diabetes


My name is Bennet Dunlap and I’m a father of three teens, two with type 1 diabetes. My non-T1D daughter, Kelley, earned her degree in 2012 at NYU and saw the first-hand reality of alcohol on campus. At the same time, her bother was auditioning for acting programs at colleges in New York City and […]

Technology and Cycling


Anna Floreen talks with Kevin Dolan, an avid cyclist, about the technologies he uses to help keep his diabetes in check. Anna: How has the use of technology affected your ability to exercise well with diabetes? What features do you find most helpful? Kevin: The advances of medical device technology over the past decade have […]