Day 3: Defining Hope

Bionic buddies

I opened the door to my office trying not to spill my coffee as I walk towards my desk to find so many of my coworkers cheering and clapping that the stories sharing my journey through the Bionic Pancreas trial have gone viral on Facebook and have received the most “shares”, likes, and comments of anything we’ve […]

old school

    Never would I ever think that the term “bionic pancreas” would evoke the “old school” feeling of having diabetes. I don’t remember the last time I used alcohol swabs or a cotton balls to wipe the blood from a finger prick or god forbid use a meter the size of a brick. I […]


I am so privileged to be able to take part in the Beacon Hill Bionic Pancreas Study with Mass General Hospital and I thought I’d take the time to share, each day, my personal experiences throughout the study with you, the Glu community! Many in-patient studies on the bionic pancreas have done in the past […]


She stood up to sing at Sunday Mass when the music suddenly seemed distant and the stained glass windows turned yellow. Then everything went black. The 7-year-old girl collapsed, not waking up until she lay on the tile floor in the sacristy, shivering cold from the water splashed on her face. Her mother drove her […]


Watch as Anna shares what she things are the most important things to remember when going on a trip. What tips would YOU share with the community?


Adam Brown scientifically tests the simplest, most fundamental exercise possible: walking. It can be done anywhere, does not cost anything, and requires no equipment. What follows is his personal diabetes experience testing the blood sugar benefits of walking, a brief review of studies on diabetes and walking, and five tips to incorporate walking into your […]


“Ok: Infusion sets… check. Reservoirs… check. Alcohol swabs… check. Three bottles of Novolog, two of Lantus… check. Ice packs… check. Glucagon… check. Insulated bag for stuff… check. Syringes… check. Batteries… check. Test strips… check. Lancets… check. Extra meter… check. Metformin… check. Glucose tabs… check. Prescriptions… check. Water bottle… check. Vitamins… check. Thermometer… check. Pump clip, […]

Traveling Abroad with T1D

traveling abroad 1

Diabetes should never stop you from doing anything. I’ve even met a man with diabetes who climbed Mt. Everest! While I don’t have a passion for climbing, I do love to travel. When I was young, I set off on adventures in Europe with my family and my parents took care of most of the […]


We were just about to cross to that next cool part of our lives as a married couple –the time when you could take off without the kids for a weekend or more. Then I jinxed it. By saying it out loud. “Lauren will be in kindergarten this fall. I think we can leave the […]

diabetes road 1

I strapped my newborn to my chest in her sling, and pushed my double stroller through the airport. Two car seats, a diaper bag, an activity bag, and one carry-on suitcase full of diabetes supplies left no room for my baby in her stroller seat. My husband had gone before us to begin settling our […]