Top 10 T1D Trip Prep Tips


by GluStaff on March 7, 2013 Recently I had the opportunity to take a trip to Alaska. I had a great time but prepping for the trip was an adventure in and of itself. I thought I’d share my top ten diabetes trip prep tips with you: · Put your pump site in a visible […]

Talking Travel

talking travel For many of us the winter months are cold and dreary but for some it means time to vacation and escape to warmer temperatures. We heard from several of you that you use the late winter and early spring months to prepare for summer adventures and we thought what better time than to tackle […]

Video: Diabetes Relationships

relationships video

We asked you, members of the Glu Community, what is most difficult to share with your partner/spouse about diabetes and what is most important thing to share with them? Watch as Bill and Anna share their personal experiences and recap some of your thoughts each topic:   By Bill Woods–GluBill and Anna Floreen–GluAnna

 Like with any relationship, it comes with its own (ahem) highs and lows, according to one woman with type 1 diabetes. When Josh and I first started dating the diabetes aspect of our lives was so normal. We didn’t have to educate or teach each other about blood sugar and glucose monitoring the way we […]

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Cloud technology has quickly become a mainstay of modern life. We use it to get directions, make restaurant reservations and listen to new music. For those living with type 1 diabetes (T1D), cloud technology also offers a way to improve and simplify control in an increasingly mobile world. Traditional blood glucose (BG) monitoring has hampered […]

Type 1 Sweethearts

type 1 sweethearts 1

My fiancé and I met our second year of college in our Greek and Roman Mythology class. We didn’t find out that the other had type 1 diabetes until several weeks into our class after a brief conversations. I woke up late one morning and threw on my type 1 diabetes TrialNet t-shirt because I […]


Panic! Recently, I read, with great interest, a story about a woman who was completely stressed out that her child’s pump malfunctioned. She went on and on about how her entire life was now upside down and she had been fighting with all sorts of people on the phone to get it fixed immediately and […]

Technology Through The Years

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My name is Chester Lynn Wickwire (I go by my middle name) and have lived with type 1 diabetes for 68 years, diagnosed in October 1944, at four and a half at the Yale New Haven Hospital. I am now 72, married, with a son and a daughter and two granddaughters, none of whom have […]


The Blood Sugar Roller Coaster is the worst ride at the Diabetes Amusement Park. You didn’t ask to go on it. You don’t want to be on it while it’s happening. And it’s so hard to get off the ride after it’s started, or off the ride at all-ever.This roller coaster is the low, then […]

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Have you ever wondered what living with diabetes outside the United States is like? What types of educational opportunities are available? What is the level of access to health care? Have you ever considered traveling abroad to support local diabetes communities in other parts of the world? AYUDA is dedicated to supporting local diabetes communities abroad […]