Asha Brown

Imagine the difficulty in treating a dangerous disease that can actually promote the onset of another deadly disease, one that makes the first one much worse. That is the horror of “diabulimia.” Recent studies have suggested that about 30 percent of type 1 diabetic women omit their insulin for weight loss purposes and researchers have […]

Support From The DOC

joslin medal

  My diabetes diagnosis was in 1945, a few days after my sixth birthday. At the time, there was very little known about diabetes. The only rule my parents had to follow was to not let me have sugar, otherwise I could eat anything else I wanted. Other than that, and taking one shot of […]

Glu At The ADA


After nearly a week in Chicago for the American Diabetes Association’s 73rd Scientific Sessions, the Glu team is finally back home in Boston. The conference, which can only be described as a whirlwind experience, hosted attendees from every far-reaching corner of the world. Scientific Session participants included, but were not limited to, leading endocrinologists, talented researchers, […]

The Gift Of A New Life

christine horn

After 30 tumultuous years of living with type 1 diabetes, I was faced with end stage renal disease and the need to make some crucial decisions on dialysis and/or transplant. While on peritoneal dialysis I decided to move forth with a living donor kidney transplant, provided that a suitable donor could be found. My entire […]

50 Years Strong

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As a child, I was fascinated by medicine and medical research. I was also a voracious reader and read every book I could find about medical breakthroughs. I often imagined myself peering into a microscope and making discoveries that would better humanity… perhaps even for type 1 diabetics like myself. My childhood fantasy made sense. […]

teresa derby

I was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes 14 years, 1 month and 6 days ago. I have poked my finger approximately 21,900 times, injected insulin 23,725 times, and changed my pump site close to 100 times (I just recently transitioned to insulin pump therapy). I have participated in various fundraising events for Diabetes Research over […]

bionic banner

The post bionic blues are back…sigh. I’m a full day 3 into my normal week routine after being able to take part in the Bionic Pancreas study again. I’m back to guesstimating carbs, back to hoping I don’t wake up extremely high or low, and back to feeling of uneasiness from my guilty decision making. […]

Glu Results

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Curious what other Glu members think about continuous glucose monitors (CGMs)? Over the past few months we’ve used our Question of the Day to learn more about our community’s experiences and opinions on CGMs. We ended up with some interesting findings that we would like to share back with you. Included in the graphs below […]


  Later this month, Glu will have the exciting opportunity to attend the American Diabetes Association’s 73rd Scientific Sessions in Chicago, IL. Attendees of the event, consist of a variety of companies and health care professionals dedicated to diabetes research or the delivery of diabetes care and services. This year’s conference, held from June 21st to 25th, […]

Type 1 For A Second Time

type 1 for a second time

I was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes for the first time around the age of 12. That was 23 years ago when treatment options and information were limited and not as advanced as they are today. Needless to say, I did my best and lived a mostly normal, uncomplicated life. In my late 20’s, the […]