Engineering A Pancreas

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GluBill and GluAnna talk with Dr. Ed Damiano, Professor of Biomedical Engineering at Boston University, about his involvement in the Beacon Hill Study of the Bionic Pancreas. Dr. Damiano reflects on his personal connection to type 1 diabetes and how this link fueled his desire to produce a closed loop system.     Also in […]

Inside Drug Development


In diaTribe, we sometimes talk about drugs that are “not yet approved”, “at the FDA” or “in the regulatory process”. Some recent approvals of diabetes drugs in the US have stirred some controversy, and we think it’s important for our readers to understand the basics of how drugs are discovered and approved. In this artcile, […]

getting inovled in studies

by GluStaff on June 7, 2013 I have always been interested getting involved with studies that help people with type 1 diabetes. In addition to my recent bionic pancreas study, I have been involved in studies that consisted of surveys, blood work, and MRI’s. Finding a study and navigating the paperwork process can be daunting […]


Recently, I participated in an inpatient study at Massachusetts General Hospital. I found out about this study while screening for the infamous Bionic Pancreas study. The focus was on controlling blood sugars while being admitted to the hospital. If any of you, or your loved ones with diabetes, have ever been admitted to the hospital […]



Tuesday, May 28 So today my blood sugar is 338 with a straight arrow across. I haven’t been this high in months. I forget how gross and disgusting I feel; I am tired, unable to eat my lunch, let alone fathom the thought of putting anything other than ice cold water in to my mouth, […]

Focus on Research

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June is research month on Glu. In this short video interview, Dana Ball, CEO and Co-founder of T1D Exchange, explains the vision for the Exchange and Glu, how that vision can help to advance research, and how you can get involved. By Bill Woods

Getting Active

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Exercise can appear to be very intimidating, especially when living with type 1 diabetes. How do I exercise without my blood sugar going high/low? Can I do any type of exercise? Should I have a snack before or after? Should I use a pump or should I do injections? How do I properly manage my […]


We were somewhere east of Fresno, winding through the Sierra foothills, when my wife Sarah looked over at me and asked, “What are we getting ourselves into?” I didn’t have a good answer for that question. Our 4-year-old son, Sam, had been diagnosed with type 1 diabetes just three weeks earlier and our family was […]

The Camp Experience


At the age of 15, I attended my first summer at Camp EDI (Exercise, Diet, and Insulin); a camp offered through the American Diabetes Association in Missouri. I will never forget the first day of camp. As my mother drove me in, tears ran down my face because I didn’t want to participate in the […]

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A little over a year ago, our son Ian was diagnosed at the age of nine with T1D. We were flooded with information and were lucky that the summer camp season was only a few weeks away. The camp experience was life changing for our entire family. As we prepare for Ian’s second year of […]