Inked With Love

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Until January 18th, 2010 we were a pretty typical family. Philippe and I were proud parents of Jacob, our 3 and half year old, and our four-legged “kids” Bella and Charli. Our hands were completely full… or so we thought! On that same winter day Jacob was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes and our world […]

Diabetes Camps Abroad

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I’ve always loved camp, summer camp, winter camp, and especially diabetes camp. I also love to travel; who doesn’t like to see other parts of the world? How could I combine my passion for diabetes and travel? Are there international diabetes camps out there? In the fall of 2008 I decided to Google “diabetes abroad” […]

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“So much in life is timing.” That’s something that I have heard since I was young. In 2003, that cliché became a reality as timing changed the entire direction of my life. I was walking out of a meeting for JDRF, when one of the women, Kathy, from the meeting stopped me. At the time, […]

My Diabetic Tattoo

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I first decided I wanted a diabetic tattoo a few years ago. Sometimes you just don’t want to wear a medical bracelet all the time. A tattoo is always with you so you can’t lose it and you can’t forget it! When deciding on a design, I didn’t want something too big or something that […]

bolus blogging

My name is Hannah McDonald, and I am a diabetes advocate. Or activist. Whatever you want to call me, that’s me. There seem to be some arguments over the semantics of various terms, but here’s what you need to know. I’ve been blogging about my life with diabetes since 2006. I was diagnosed with Type […]

And other mishaps with medical staff I've had to deal with because of my type 1 diabetes.

Learning from Experience

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I spent a good part of my senior year of college trying to get a job that would land me in Sydney, Australia during the 2000 Summer Olympics. My mother had, as a graduation gift from high school, taken me to the 1996 games in Atlanta. I had it in my head that Ihad to be […]

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We present to you the results from the first study that we conducted on Glu, which was focused on hypoglycemia. Thanks to everyone who participated! Our goal is to share the research results with the community, which we hope will spark a conversation, and allow researchers and the type 1 community to learn, engage in […]

good enough

  Have you ever felt that diabetes management is like trying to hit a moving target? Maybe you get close to getting that A1C goal but never quite hit the bull’s eye. Or, perhaps you get there and then your healthcare professional tells you how you can do even better the next time. Perhaps, you […]

A woman with type 1 diabetes describes being left out of carb-heavy celebrations as a child, and why she thinks it's important to give herself permission to indulge in empty, carb-rich calories from time to time.