About Us

“Everybody needs somebody in their corner.
 If you are touched by type 1, the Glu community is in your corner.”

Glu is an online community of T1D Exchange, a unique nonprofit organization focused on driving faster, better research to improve outcomes in type 1 diabetes.

How is T1D Exchange driving faster, better research?

One way is including you from the very start—the community of people living with or caring for someone with type 1. Too often, traditional research has excluded your voice – the voice that matters most.

On Glu, your experiences and insights drive and inform research studies that address unmet needs and real-world challenges of living with T1D.

And Glu is a part of a larger community—a research-focused community called T1D Exchange.

T1D Exchange was founded on the belief that improving T1D outcomes requires a new approach—one that helps researchers conduct better research faster. Better because it’s patient-driven and more informed. Faster because T1D Exchange saves time by providing the research community with seamless access to high quality resources needed to conduct research projects, studies and clinical trials.

Today, T1D Exchange has demonstrated that our single-access research model is, in fact, dramatically improving the speed and success of research. Since 2009, T1D Exchange has gone from a vision to a widely-recognized resource in the type 1 diabetes medical and research community globally.

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SUPPORT — A community for us — by us

You don’t really get type 1—until you get it. There is no other disease like T1D that requires so much daily input and management from patient or caregiver. That means our Glu community shares more than T1D—we share a common language and understanding. We crowd-source wisdom, share experiences, and offer perspectives – all to connect and support others living with or caring for others with type 1, while contributing to research.

If you spend time on Glu, you probably know that Glu really is a community for us and by us. Many on our staff live with or care for someone with T1D, including GluAnna, GluAlex, GluMom, GluAlyssa and GluJill, to name a few.

IMPACT — How you can help create better T1D solutions

In type 1, progress can only come from participation. You don’t just make Glu a stronger, more vibrant community; you also contribute to research that will help improve care in T1D.

How can you drive and inform research through Glu?

  1. Complete your profile information: this helps researchers learn from your real-world experiences and helps Glu target appropriate research surveys to you.
  2. Answer Question of the Day: one question every day about type 1 that you can answer, learn and discuss with the community—all while driving needed research.
  3. Fill out research survey: a research survey on Glu is usually an online survey you can complete on your computer or smart phone. It usually takes less than 30 minutes, but results are used to develop more effective therapies and devices, better clinical care and educational programs.
  4. Participate in clinical trials! New therapies, devices and better clinical knowledge only comes from patient participation in clinical studies. From time to time, Glu promotes clinical studies we think could help improve T1D outcomes. Consider participating. We may all be thanking you for new and exciting breakthroughs in type 1!

EDUCATE — Learn and share your knowledge

Glu is a vibrant, active community for people touched by T1D. Become an active participant. Read articles, participate in discussions, and contribute your knowledge! When you participate, you will:

  • support others touched by T1D
  • add your wisdom to the largest library of crowd-sourced knowledge from people living with type 1
  • learn from others in our community
  • and help drive new research

Glu is part of T1D Exchange, a non-profit organization dedicated to accelerating research to improve outcomes in type 1 diabetes. T1D Exchange has an innovative, novel approach that is already having a big impact in making better research happen faster.

You can support the T1D Exchange mission and help sustain Glu as an important community for people with type 1.

Learn more about how you can support Glu and T1D Exchange.