Frequently Asked Questions

What is Glu?

Glu is an active and diverse type 1 diabetes (T1D) online community designed to accelerate research and amplify the collective voice of those living with T1D. In Glu you will connect with people just like you, contribute to discussions and research, and learn from the wealth of rich information found within the pages.

Glu is part of T1D Exchange, a nonprofit organization designed to accelerate research on the path to cures for T1D. Learn more about our organization here.

Who can use Glu?

Glu is for people living with T1D, as well as parents, guardians, and supporters of those touched by T1D.

What happens to my data?

The information you contribute can be used, without your personal information (de-identified), for research. We store the information you choose to share and make it available for research however; none of your data will be linked to your identifying information without consent or permission from you.

What are the security/privacy policies?

We take the security of any information you provide very seriously and we use sophisticated security protocols to protect your information. You can read our privacy policy here.

Does Glu provide technical support if I have questions?

Yes. You may contact us at We do our best to reply to all emails within 48 hours.

How can I get more involved with Glu?

We would love for YOU to get even more involved! We are always looking for new voices, new perspectives, and volunteers. Would you like to write about life with type 1 diabetes? Do you have a burning question that you would like to ask the community? Would you like to become a Glu Ambassador? Contact for details of how you can become more involved.

Can I contact Glu for medical advice?

Glu and T1D Exchange, Inc. are not healthcare providers and we cannot provide information to be used as a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment.

We encourage you to seek the advice of your physician or other qualified health provider regarding any questions about our medical condition, medical devices, or treatment options.

What am I allowed to post on Glu?

Glu is a community where people with diverse backgrounds, experiences, and viewpoints can come together to connect, share, and contribute to diabetes care and research.

The community is comprised of members 13 years of age and older. Content should be appropriate for all ages and parents or guardians are encouraged monitor the activity of their children. We believe that each member is unique and is entitled to their beliefs and opinions. Out of respect for you and for your safety we ask that you refrain from posting the following:

  • Anything that appears to disrespect or place judgment on an individual, their opinions, views, information or management.
  • Anything that could be construed as medical advice.
  • Anything that appears to promote, advertise or solicit.
  • Anything that is rude or could be considered offensive.
  • Pictures that contain nudity or violent acts.

Please refer to our Community Guidelines for more information.

What is Question of the Day?

Question of the Day is a great way for people touched by type 1 diabetes to learn from others and contribute through answers and discussions. It gives the Glu community a platform for expressing their thoughts and experiences, and provide and receive support from others.

How does it help research?

The patient-driven real-world information from Question of the Day helps drive research in different ways.

  • Insights from Question of the Day can highlight areas that warrant more in-depth study.
  • Stakeholders in T1D community use Question of the Day to gauge community interest and opinions around a particular topic. For example, T1D Exchange Chief Medical Officer Henry Anhalt asked the Glu community some questions in advance of an important summit he was attending where key research leaders were discussing priorities for the next 5 years in T1D research. Dr. Anhalt was able to use Question of the Day responses to help integrate the voice of the patient into this important research forum.
  • Industry partners (companies who develop therapies, devices or technologies for type 1 diabetes) use Question of the Day to hear from the community on a particular topic. For example, a healthcare company wanted to learn more about hyperglycemia (high blood sugar) that may be a result of a failed infusion set. The member company is using what they learned from Glu to help them develop innovative products that may help with this issue.
See how Question of the Day helped contribute to a potential new T1D therapy

Question of the Day is searchable!

Do you want to:

  • know what kinds of stressful situations alter blood glucose levels?
  • find out how often others calibrate their CGM
  • hear what the community thinks the biggest research priority should be for scientists studying T1D?
  • learn how long it takes others to recover from symptoms of a severe low.
  • explore how a T1D diagnosis affected others’ career choices?

You can!

These were all past Questions of the Day. Questions are live for 30 days, but you can always search and review any Question of the Day, including answers and discussions. That’s almost 2,000 questions about type 1 – the largest living library of patient-driven T1D wisdom ever created.

Want to ask our T1D community a question?

You can also use Question of the Day for your own research! You simply need to be a member on Glu. Then, simply submit it through The Glu team will lend our expertise in creating the question so that you get results that are helpful!

How do I report abuse?

You can report abuse by flagging the comment by clicking the “Report as abusive” link located in the upper right corner of the comment box. Don’t worry; the author of the post won’t know that it was flagged.

How do I report a bug?

Please email all of your technical issues and bug reports to

How do I send my feedback to Glu?

We love feedback! Please send us your feedback by emailing

How do I change my password?

  • Go to
  • Select “Sign In”
  • Choose “Forgot Password” and follow the instructions

How do I cancel my account?

We would be sad to see you go! By law, we need to retain your information. We will continue to use the anonymous data that you shared with us for research purposes.

To cancel your account, email Please allow up to 48 hours for complete cancellation.