Our Work

“Where well-implemented registries and active patient organizations exist, the likelihood for developing a treatment for the disease in question is increased.”

Eurodis Rare Disease Europe: 2013 policy fact sheet

T1D Exchange is a unique nonprofit organization focused on driving faster, better research to improve outcomes in type 1 diabetes.

T1D Exchange was founded on the belief that improving type 1 diabetes (T1D) outcomes requires a new approach—one that helps researchers conduct better research faster.

To drive better, faster research, T1D Exchange has built a dynamic, real-world patient data platform. The goal is to provide researchers with the resources they need for:

  • more informed studies (through patient input and patient data)
  • completing studies faster and more efficiently (through access to dedicated clinical investigators and clinic centers, an army of engaged patients, and their data and biosamples)

T1D Exchange now offers the following resources in a single-access program:

  • The Clinic Registry (the only nationally-focused patient registry in the US) includes patient-reported and electronic health record data from 27,000 well-characterized type 1 diabetes patients. The Registry has become the most credible type 1 diabetes data set in the US.
  • A unified clinic network of more than 230 collaborating clinicians and coordinators from over 76 pediatric and adult sites in the US, which sees more than 150,000 unique type 1 diabetes patients.
  • Online patient and caregiver community Glu consists of over 14,500 patients and caregivers who find peer-to-peer support and education, and can access and participate in real-time research.
  • Biobank with biosamples from over 1,800 unique participants with clinical, demographic and study-derived information. A Living Biobank with over 1,700 consented individuals supports research requests that can’t be met through the existing biorepository collection.

T1D Exchange has demonstrated that this single-access model is, in fact, dramatically improving the speed and success of research. Since 2009, T1D Exchange has gone from a vision to a widely-recognized resource in the type 1 diabetes medical and research community globally.

Our research, driven by the patient voice, spans exploration into real-world challenges of living with type 1 diabetes.

Visit our case studies to learn how we are delivering on our mission of faster, better research.

Watch our mini-documentary video to learn more about T1D Exchange.