Our Work

T1D Exchange creates unique programs to connect patients to research and researchers to patients.

Our platform gathers data from the real world and the clinic to drive meaningful research with the potential to improve the lives of people with type 1 diabetes, and foster innovation that might one day lead to the prevention or cure for type 1 diabetes.

Our efforts include:

T1D Exchange Registry, which gives people with type 1 diabetes and their supporters opportunities to participate in the latest T1D Exchange­sponsored research aimed at accelerating care solutions and influencing public policy and insurance coverage.
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Tidepool Big Data Donation Project, which shares de­identified diabetes device data with researchers, device makers, and other innovators who are working to advance type 1 diabetes care.

T1D Exchange Patient­-Centered Research, a dynamic effort to methodically collect and study the data and real­world experiences of individuals with type 1 diabetes.
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T1D Exchange Biobank, a collection of biological samples ready for research and linked to the data of more than 2,200 patients with type 1 diabetes.
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T1D Exchange Quality Improvement Collaborative, a network of 10 diabetes clinics across the country that share de­identified data on patient outcomes and the state of care. This data helps diabetes health care professionals identify best practices, gaps in access to care, and reimbursement and public policy issues.
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If you would like to explore how to partner with T1D Exchange, or if you have any questions, contact us at info@t1dexchange.org.